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The War on Drugs: Reagan’s Sinister Cancer Eating the Soul of the U.S. and Sucking Its Coffers Dry

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I’ve always had a beef with the War on Us… I mean, Drugs. Nixon first started this fictional war against an inanimate object, but it was Reagan who kicked it into high gear. Some of us are old enough to remember Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” propaganda campaign, which probably served more to turn young people onto the existence of self-medication than to discourage them in any way.

The War on Drugs is a farce and a crime against the citizens of the United States. Couple this with a private prison industry lobbying for harsh penalties to make sure cells are filled and their bottom lines are met, and you’ve got a really nasty formula for citizen repression.

Now add in that non-whites are targeted at five times the rate of whites, even though drug use is the same in all of these communities, and you’ve got a doozy of a bald-faced, racist, repressive, ridiculous cluster-fart. And it’s expensive, to boot! $40 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

Alvaro Vargas Llosa has written an interesting analysis over at The New Republic.

Can I Just Say This?

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I hated Ronald Reagan. I hate George W. Bush. In fact, I can only think of two Republican presidents I have had any respect for in the last 50 years: George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon. Continue reading