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Wal-Mart Brings its Soul-Suckiness to Zion’s Crossroads

Posted in cripsyduck, politics with tags , , , on December 11, 2008 by criPSy duck

News briefs on the local Air America affiliate (WVAX – 1450 AM) are heralding the construction of a new Wal-Mart east of Charlottesville. A local woman is quoted saying that it’s a great thing because there’s nowhere around there to buy coffee. Right.

Where have these people been? If Wal-Mart is coming to your town, your town is in serious trouble. Are they aware that Wal-Mart extrudes about $100,000,000 from local economies through each of its stores annually? Do they know that the money is then shipped off to China, with a short stopover in Arkansas for a brief skimming?

Wal-Mart is a monster and it should be stopped. Frankly, after the tragic Black Friday fiasco, I had hoped the behemoth would be swimming in criminal neglect lawsuits. (They clearly knew what was coming and did nothing to prepare.) I guess Chinese money buys a lot these days, including large-scale legal protection.

DOWN WITH Wal-Mart! If they insist on ruining communities, playing around with local zoning laws, syphoning off tax dollars and draining regional economies, all the while returning all the benefit to China (remember them? – the red menace?), and screwing suppliers and workers in one fell swoop, I, for one, will protest their very existence until the bitter blue-light end.

Buy American! Buy local. Support yourselves, not some monolithic money trap.