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Bush to Anti-Abortion Terrorists: “Go For It!”

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A recent post at Think Progress notes that the Bush Department of Justice failed to enforce laws designed to keep anti-abortion protesters from obstructing work at health clinics.

Between 2000 and 2008, the National Abortion Federation recorded 3,291 acts of violence against abortion providers and “at least 17 cases of ‘extreme’ violence against abortion providers in the United States, such as arson, stabbing and bomb attacks.” However, the Bush Administration’s Department of Justice “prosecuted only 11 individuals for any acts of violence against abortion clinics or providers.”

So, big shocker that hard-line pseudo-Christian wackos would think that vigilante “justice” might be justified. The Bushies didn’t bother changing Roe v. Wade (even though they had full control of the House, the Senate, the White House and the Supreme Court for a while there), but they did tell the confused far-right militant activist weirdos to go ahead and have a free-for-all on women’s protected rights.

Scott Horton, Jeweler of Law

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Anyone not familiar with Scott Horton’s work for Harper’s should listen up. Horton is an incredible researcher and intrepid defender of Constitutional law in its purest terms who has been on the lead edge of Governor Don Siegelman’s outrageous case in Alabama along with many other crucial modern legal trends and opinions. His historical assessments are always eye-popping. His latest, “A Setback for the State of Exception” is a crucial primer on the Supreme Court’s recent rejection of Bush administration claims of legal privilege over prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Go, Scott, Go!