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Adieu, You Treacherous Fuck

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Following the eve of George Walker Bush’s presidential farewell address (which I couldn’t watch – no way – never again!), I can’t help but think back to what I knew five years ago: that the Bush administration’s ultimate and true goal was always to DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Continue reading

I Think I Just Had an Obasm

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If you’re anywhere near sick of conservative domination in the U.S., then last night was sheer political ecstacy for you. It was for me. Continue reading

Guest editorial: Two Cents from a Real Socialist

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(NOTE FROM CRIPSY DUCK: This was solicited from Brandon Collins, a dear friend and an actual Socialist. I thought he might like to weigh in on the bandying about of the term “socialist” in the 2008 presidential campaign.)

I Should Know
by E. Brandon Collins

The term “socialist” has been casually tossed around in the past few weeks. The Wall Street bailout has been labeled “corporate socialism” by the media, Democrats, and Republicans. This misnomer has devolved into the McCain/Palin tactic of calling Barack Obama a socialist. He is not. I should know, I am a socialist. Continue reading

Can I Just Say This?

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I hated Ronald Reagan. I hate George W. Bush. In fact, I can only think of two Republican presidents I have had any respect for in the last 50 years: George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon. Continue reading

He Ain’t No Palin

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Congratulations, Senator. You finally got what you always wanted: to be nominated the Repugnican candidate for President of The United States of America. Wow. That is big.

But you’re looking pretty sorry. Your acceptance speech barely gained cruising altitude, even in an arena full of Minnesota’s most rabid reactionaries. Hell, if not for “kill and drill” (copyright Ron Kuby 2008), you’d’ve never gotten the rise out of the crowd that the Code Pinkers and that (kickass!!) Iraq Vets Against the War guy and his two-sided “You Can’t Win An Occupation”/”McCain Votes Against Vets” sign. (THAT GUY WAS AWESOME! I wanna see his band.)

Pack it up. Forget about it. Palin hitched her star to the wrong con.

You can’t expect to change the castle once you’ve built it. You built it. It’s fucked. You’re saying so yourself. What makes you think you’ve got the sense to change it now?