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I’ve got an idea….

Posted in cripsyduck, politics with tags , , , on September 30, 2008 by criPSy duck

Let’s break from partisan squabbling for a moment and consider a few things we may be able to reach some sort of consensus on:

First: Money in politics. Is it fair to say that the cost of campaiging and maintaining a high profile political career makes it impossible for a true ground-up democracy to thrive? Spending limits are clearly not enough. If there is money in the budget to deploy the military at a moment’s notice, isn’t there enough to fund national campaigns? Local campaigns? It’s gotta be cheaper than bailing out Wall Street.

Second: Voter registration. Why do we have to register to vote? All citizens should be allowed (and encouraged) to vote. The Europeans think we’re nuts for this one. Voter registration is some kind of weird scam. It should go.

Third: The two party system is a snarling half-dead corpse of an excuse for an electoral process. We can’t fairly ban parties (though I’ve fantasized), so how do we encourage a multi-partied electorate? The dissolution of of the two party system would remove some of the moneyed pillars of power that support our corrupt fascistic tendencies.

Any takers?