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Who’s afraid of an ill-informed lynch mob?

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Noted Christian conservative Frank Schaeffer, son of one the modern evangelical movement’s most respected founders, Francis Schaeffer, has come out against the McCain campaign with a powerful argument.

Well said, good fellow.

Not the Maverick’s maverick

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I love this story.

Shot Down

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In the wake of Gen. Wesley Clark’s recent statements about John McCain’s war record, let me tell you a little story.

I have an old family friend. He’s a Marine, he’s a fighter pilot, and he served in Vietnam. A bunch.

On a recent visit, we pushed him to tell us who he would vote for in the upcoming election. He waffled. He couldn’t bring himself to say John McCain.

What he told us next kind of blew my mind.
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Say it with me: The President of Iran is not its Leader

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On yet another day when presidential hopeful John McCain is out rattling his wrinkled little saber at the President of Iran, we should bear in mind that there is at least one person in that country more powerful than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Unlike many other countries, in Iran the president does not have control over foreign policy, the armed forces, nuclear policy, or the main economic policies of the Iranian state, which are under the control of the Supreme Leader. – wikipedia

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