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Letter to Tom Perriello

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Dear Representative Perriello,

As a proud long-time resident of Virginia’s 5th District and one who loudly backed your campaign and cheered your victory last November, I am somewhat disheartened by your new television ad campaign. While the ad itself is upbeat and admirable, I couldn’t help but notice it was paid for by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and the Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC).

Are we to gather from this that your health care-related legislative decisions will be made for you by one of the more questionable (and, unfortunately, powerful) lobbying concerns in the U.S.? Is it safe to assume that you would never sponsor a single payer health care option for the American taxpayer? If this is the case, then in the future I will certainly consider a candidate who will put the people’s needs before campaign contributions. Continue reading

single payer palmed

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It breaks my mind the control corporate America exerts over the U.S. Congress. At a time when polls show that 60% of both the American public and health care professionals desire an effective single-payer health care plan that cuts the profiteers (insurance and pharmaceutical cabals) out of the loop, Senator Max Baucus’ hearings have no single-payer representatives. The fact that the single payer option isn’t even being voiced raises hard questions about who’s really in charge here. (HINT: It ain’t you unless you own a huge company, hide from taxes and keep all your money in the Caymans.)