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Dan Deacon at the Southern 10/28/10

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Dan Deacon brought his super-spazmodic freaky electro-loop delicious digital weirdness to the Southern on Thursday, October 28, and a good time was had by all. All the cool kids were there and they brought their bands to warm up the show. I got drunk and talked smack. Deacon took the floor (he sets up on the floor) and whipped us into a frenzy with a series of silly visualization exercises and dance contests. Too much fun. Here are some pics:

Concentrated E’Ville

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6 Day Bender’s new album kicks like a keg-standing mule

(NOTE: This is the original of the version of my piece for the Hook.)

Is this thing on? Cripsy Duck to Command Central… come in, Command Central.

What the hell am I doing? It’s been eight long, boring years since my semi-self-imposed sabbatical from print music journalism. Who am I kidding? Just because there’s been nary a sentence fragment of interesting music writing in this town since I was summarily fired from C-Ville all those years ago is no reason to think I can just jump back in and pick up where I left off. Or maybe…

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WTJU Town Hall Gives Management a Frickin’ Clue

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On Monday evening, about 200 or so community members, DJs past and present, and various supporters flooded a town hall meeting held by UVa’s Department of Public Affairs (now in charge of TJU) to let ’em have an earful of what it means to love something as thoroughly as Charlottesville loves WTJU.

Carol Wood, head of Public Affairs for UVa, got up and assured us that our voices were important and the turn out was impressive. Next – looking like a hapless villain sent down from central casting – came Burr Beard, the new WTJU station manager. After admitting he was from out of town and basically had no clue what a WTJU was, he stammered something along the lines of, “gee guys, gosh, I still think an all-Americana station would work in this market, shucks.” He damn near got himself laughed out of there. But the announcers and those assembled were respectful, knowing full well they need a qualified station manager who is ready to go to bat for them. Continue reading

Not More Fucking Banjos!

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Burr Beard, the man brought in to revive WTJU from its slump, is proposing turning major blocks of programming to “Americana” or “Roots” – generally, folk, blues, country and country rock – making that the new “station identity.” The notion sickens me so badly I couldn’t even make it through the proposal.

Ok, I’m all for banjos and bluegrass and “Wagon Wheel,” and ironic tattoos and Pabst Blue Ribbon, but enough already! This Americana thing is not the end-all-be-all. (Whatever happened to rock and roll?) It’s already been an excruciating decade of weekend-redneck toothless hipsters forming Hank Sr. tribute bands. I’M OVER IT. Moving to Brooklyn, taking up banjo and heroin and getting a tattoo of bacon does not make you an artist. ENOUGH! Continue reading

Cripsy Duck’s Confessions of a WTJU Addict

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(DUCK NOTE: Recent discussions of reformatting WTJU, our beloved multi-format college/community radio station, inspired this retrospective rant.)

“I LOVE RADIO! I have learned of more incredible music listening to WTJU 91.1FM – local multi-format UVa radio – in my umpteen years in Charlottesville than anywhere else. Something about broadcast makes music seem more alive, and the djs have always been so deliciously anarchic. Heaven is a kickass TJU rock show.”

That’s verbatim from my personal Myspace page under “Music.” (Copied and pasted, actually.) I wrote that in 2005 or whenever I set that thing up. (Oh Myspace, so much promise, and then… Murdoch. Blech.)

At that time, I had been listening to WTJU for about twenty years. The station had gone through some mostly cosmetic changes, but one beautiful, crucial thing remained constant: when a DJ was on his game, and you were in the mood: MAGIC. Continue reading


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more like confused grudgefuck…..

I’m sorry, I was spacing out for a second there.

I have every reason, having just returned from “The Dead” at John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville (our arena is named after the bass player for Led Zeppelin? Can I get a “FUCK YEAH!?”), following a rigorous afternoon trying to figure out what the hell the “tea partiers” were talking about in the Downtown Pavillion,…. and well,

I’m a CONFUSED LITTLE AMERICAN! Continue reading

Open Letter Opposing Re-Bricking of Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall

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(Note from Duck: The following is a letter written by Brandon Collins, circulated downtown to alert City Council to problems businesses face due to the exorbitant and poorly planned re-bricking of the Downtown Mall.)

Honorable members of Charlottesville City Council
and City Manager Gary O’Connell,

We concerned citizens, taxpayers, and working people of Charlottesville call on you to cancel or alter the planned re-bricking and renovation of the Downtown Mall. It is our belief that maintenance and repair, rather than complete replacement, of the mall bricks can be done with less impact on business and workers, at a lesser cost to taxpayers.

Furthermore, we call for the 7.5 million dollars made available for the re-bricking project to be diverted, along with the attentions of city council and city manager, to an effort to seriously address the cost of housing in our city.

The estimated 7.5 million dollar cost of replacing the bricks will put an undue burden on taxpayers at a time when city government anticipates a budget crunch – perhaps even a shortfall – for next year, is reckless, and hard to fathom. Continue reading

This is Not a Review…

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But I did go out. Saw a couple Charlottesville classics. 

Here’s some slobs you might recognize:
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Who Am I and Why Should You Care?

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephen Douglas Barling III. 

In 1999 I approached Hawes Spencer, founder and editor of Charlottesville, Va.’s weekly city paper, C-Ville, about writing a live music review column. The paper published a music column but rarely had any serious reviews of local acts. As a small-time local musician, it seemed to me that dupes like myself would never see the light of print unless somebody rolled up their sleeves and, you know, got down to it.

Thus, Cripsy Duck was born.
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