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I Think I Just Had an Obasm

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If you’re anywhere near sick of conservative domination in the U.S., then last night was sheer political ecstacy for you. It was for me. Continue reading

Guest editorial: Two Cents from a Real Socialist

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(NOTE FROM CRIPSY DUCK: This was solicited from Brandon Collins, a dear friend and an actual Socialist. I thought he might like to weigh in on the bandying about of the term “socialist” in the 2008 presidential campaign.)

I Should Know
by E. Brandon Collins

The term “socialist” has been casually tossed around in the past few weeks. The Wall Street bailout has been labeled “corporate socialism” by the media, Democrats, and Republicans. This misnomer has devolved into the McCain/Palin tactic of calling Barack Obama a socialist. He is not. I should know, I am a socialist. Continue reading

Would Rush Limbaugh please just die already?

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On the heels of Gen. Colin Powell’s revelation that he would be supporting Senator Obama in the coming presidential election, noted hypocrite dope-fiend racist piece of shit and bellwether of the reactionary right Rush Limbaugh has decided that Powell’s motivation was racist. Because he’s black. And Obama’s black.

I guess Powell’s eloquent, incredibly thoughtful and pragmatic hour-long explanation of his actual reasoning wasn’t enough for the great Rush, who knows all and tells all. Stuff like temperament, leadership style, crucial decision making, you know: the little things.

If you are a right winger and you are still listening to this incendiary douchebag then you are not being well served.