You call that a party?

Rick Santelli started a real shit storm when he announced from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange that he didn’t want to bail out errant mortgage holders and was instead contemplating a “tea party” in Chicago. Since that day, Republican nit-wits have been coming out of the woodwork, including useless windhole Michelle Malkin, “Contract with Fellatio” Newt Gingrich, and the Howard Beale of the new world, Glenn Beck. (who lends new meaning to the term “vapid.”)

Freedom Works has begun organizing nationwide protest “tea parties” to oppose (supposedly) President Obama’s national stimulus package, but these have devolved into right-nut bitchfests featuring the typical con tar babies: immigrants, abortion, homosexuals, taxes, guns and “big government.” Fox Noise has even jumped on board (stalwart looney-right sounding board that they are) to promote these events, leading gullible viewers to websites and protest organizers.

All I want to know is: where the hell was all this outrage when the Bush Administration was sinking us into interminable debt for which we will never see a return? The numbers on the Iraq War are (as of this writing) up to $612 billion, according to one source. These figures haven’t even been included in our annual budgets. And Obama’s adding more to that number (80 billion) as you read this.

I’ve got an idea. We could all have brand new houses, fully paid off, and platinum-encrusted Lexus’ (Lexi?) for half the cost of our annual military budget. How about we grab that pork-laden dead weight and start carving off chunks? I dare any military to try to invade our remote and ocean-protected shores. Can’t be done. Do we really need to spend all the taxpayers’ money on bullets that, once fired, aren’t worth the irradiated metal that went into making them?

Another question: Are these “Tea Partiers” aware that the Boston Tea Party was a response to a tax EXEMPTION for the East India Company, a tax cut that would have allowed the world’s largest corporation to undersell American (often black market) entrepreneurs? I’ll bet Fox Noise would have a hard time getting behind that.


19 Responses to “You call that a party?”

  1. I am amused by how, as the opposition, the right wing-nuts are outraged by what they promoted, wallowed in, defended, and even lied for as the party in power. But I am distressed that I’ve seen no one called out for this behavior by the “news” media. wake up United Statesians: “too big to fail” is just a self- serving slogan, not a reality.

  2. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    there is one of those tea parties in charlottesville this wednesday, location not yet determined- can you say counter protest?

  3. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    actually, it starts downtown at 3:00, lots of speakers, I gotta work, surely so do a lot of other folks!

  4. There is even more outrage to the “too big to flail” deal. Back when the corupt money folk were using the S&Ls as their personal supersized piggy bank and driving them and, get this, the real estate market into a black hole, congress passed legislation to force the instutions of ruin into recevership and stop the meltdown. That law is still on the books and designed for our current problem. Question that comes to mind is why no one is enforcing that law? Is it that there not nearly as many senitors or congress smucks with thier hands in the cookie jar or would doing the right thing cut of the campaign money they all get?

  5. “where the hell was all this outrage when the Bush Administration was sinking us into interminable debt for which we will never see a return?”

    There was plenty, and all Obama had to do was get the public to think McCain was “4 more years of George Bush” — which if you had followed his career couldn’t have been further from the truth — and he did. A lot of independents, and even some Republicans had had enough of the Bush administration’s wasting of American’s financial future, and wanted some kind of change, even if it came from an unproven candidate.

    Even your whipping boy Glenn Beck pointed this out as one of the lasting legacies of GW. Of course, the next guy quadrupled the problem… but that’s for another day.

  6. cripsyduck Says:

    If you think McCain would have diverted one iota from the Neocon course then you forget how quick he was to cave in to the radical right as soon as the campaign got off. (Sarah Palin, really? How dumb is NASCAR America supposed to be?) You guys keep thinking John McCain lost that election, but he didn’t have a chance. The country is fed up with pseudo-moralists and don’t tax but spend as much as possible on the military. Unfortunately, Americans believe that the Democrats are somehow different than that, but they’re just the punching-bag little brother fascists. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

  7. McCain had a perfect chance, had he not picked someone like Palin. Heck, if he had to strategically pick a female, he should have picked up Olympia Snowe from Maine. She consistently won by huge margins in a blue state, had a ton of experience, had a track record of moderation, and was from the other side of the country.

    I frankly found the public to be quite ignorant if they were going to vote for someone who had never had real executive experience, promised that he wouldn’t run for president, did, and as president will have his longest full-time job while not running for another. But, we’ve seen the education levels drop in this country, so I guess that’s bound to happen.

    Unfortunately we got rid of a president who overspent for another one who overspends but opts to stick it to a group that already shoulders the load.

    I do agree that the Dems have had relatively few real difference than the GOP over the last 10 years. But all it’s going to take is once when we have an underfunded military, and have a major incedent that we are powerless to protect against, for all of the people who complained about the cost to get strung up. We just need to be a little more reluctant to use the military, and the savings will rack up quickly.

  8. cripsyduck Says:

    You don’t think outspending the next 15 largest militaries in the world a little excessive? Especially when Iraq has demonstrated that the best armed fighting machine in the world can be held off with suicidal conviction and a can full of nails and gunpowder?

  9. LOADelf
    McFucknuckle had no chance and to tow the GOP line of blame Palin, is ignorant but at least you know the meaning of the word. White man guilt, liberal exultation, and 75% of the media outlets in this country crying evil for 7 years, and you think any republican had a chance? Really? I was so pissed of BC convinced me, with solid and passionate argument to vote SP. McFucknuckle, “I’ll just fuck with everybody so no one knows what I’m going to do about anything and I’ll win! Yea that’s the ticket!”. Moderates are just the people you’re lamenting as ignorant and are the reason the population that votes keeps buying the crap the propolisci’s are selling. From Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

    Main Entry: 1mod•er•ate
    Pronunciation: \ˈmä-d(ə-)rət\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle English, from Latin moderatus, from past participle of moderare to moderate; akin to Latin modus measure
    Date: 15th century
    1 a: avoiding extremes of behavior or expression: observing reasonable limits b: calm, temperate
    2 a: tending toward the mean or average amount or dimension b: having average or less than average quality: mediocre
    3: professing or characterized by political or social beliefs that are not extreme
    4: limited in scope or effect
    5: not expensive: reasonable or low in price
    6 of a color: of medium lightness and medium chroma

    And there other definition entries, all of which you in essence derided in your statements of approach to life in the other post. That’s how I interpreted your comments. So why and how can you logically support those who espouse views that a so inconsistent with your state of mind?

    The issue is not the size per se, its protectionism, to what point, or full engagement with the rest of the world. If you like being a pig as SH thinks we all are, than you gotta have full engagement to get china to make the crap we just gotta have. To what ever degree of protectionism you have, you limit the availability and sources for all that “stuff” that’s so bad for our souls. I personally like thing only available from other places and the opportunity of not having to go more than 15 miles and get what ever it is that I want, need, or have to have. Albemarle produces apples, grapes, beef, milk, satellite Intel for the army, fire extinguishers, beer, wine, music, college grads, docs and MBAs, lawyers, and some other items on an industrial scale large enough to maybe support its population. Would you enjoy living there and stay for a life time if those where the only easily available items? Really?

  10. dogboy,

    Looks like the blood pressure spiked a wee bit too much.

    The GOP line is not blame Palin, it’s quite the opposite: That Palin was the reason McCain came so close. Unfortunately, she just reaffirmed many moderate’s fears that she was a female incarnation of W.

    Obama’s campaign was built on spin as there really wasn’t substance. I would have been interested to see him finish out his terms as senator to at least establish some kind of record that wasn’t aimed at running for pres. McCain’s record showed he broke with his party regularly which was the exact opposite of Obama’s claim of “four more years of George Bush”. It was actually laughable to listen to people who bought into this. Unfortunately McCain made the mistake of believing you could have discussion and debate on issues, and lost the sound bite war. That’s how he lost, not because he was destined to lose to “the One”.

  11. No, I very passionate about common sense and well reasoned thought butressed by hopefully accurate factfull statements, but thanks for the concern.

    “I was so pissed of BC convinced me…” Please read as “… so pissed at the GOP choices and McFucknuckle being choosen BC convinced…..”

    “The GOP line is not blame Palin, it’s quite the opposite:” REALLY NOW! You sir are an ignoramus. In one minute the following was availble to me by the magic of Al Gore’s internet.

    “But, no — the very same people who systematically, methodically advocated positions that have destroyed the Republican brand with the American people are once again preparing to deflect the blame if John McCain loses the election.

    There are a couple of stories out there that foreshadow the “blame Palin” strategy they’re going to use to do it. The first is from the widely quoted CNN story over the weekend regarding Palin’s allegedly “roguish” attitude.”

    “John McCain took full responsibility for the GOP loss Tuesday night, but there was plenty of grumbling by his top aides Wednesday morning that vice presidential pick Sarah Palin caused his defeat.”
    “Liberal bloggers seized on the raw feelings about Palin among McCain campaign insiders.”-

    and one more easy to find artical

    Read more, write less.

  12. So, the party that is pushing her as a front-runner in 2012 is also toting the “blame Palin” flag? You’re confusing the McCain campaign for the GOP… BIG difference.

    Experience more, understand what you’ve read, and write something that actually backs a real and logical point. If you were you’re own audience, you’d definitely be a sold-out crowd it appears.

  13. cripsyduck Says:

    LOUDelf, it never bothered you that Todd Palin was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, a group that opposes the US government adamantly and has proposed violence against it? Hell, their founder was killed in an explosives buy gone bad. They want to secede from the union and keep all of Alaska’s resources for themselves. How about the fact that the Governor has the intellect of a grade school teacher? If that’s the savior of the Republican party, then we’re gonna be stuck with idiot Democrats for a good long time.

  14. Ever heard of Eric Cantor? Ever heard of the “Rockefeller” wing of the GOP? Ever wonder why McFucknuckle got the nod? Ever heard of “moderate Republicans”? I gave you just top of the pile as evidence of my point. You moderate, no-nothing, self important, snobs were the ones who had to have Palin so you could say you were a “Regan” conservitive to keep the conservitive wing from blowing a gasket over your “reasonable choice of McFucknuckle. You, golly, just want to be liked and be asked to the cool parties your liberal friends throw and not have to really stand for anything when the conversation goes political instead of standing for something and possibly having to defend your point, possibly till things get heated and uncomfortable. Moderates just want to get along, be adult, and lord forbids anyone gets actually upset and the environment becomes uncomfortable! But uncomfortable to whom? You or the confrontational liberal? If you can’t handle the heat of political discourse and stand on principle, keep your yap shut. Moderate “country club Republicans” are so preoccupied and worried that their liberal friends will hate them if they stand on principal and they won’t be invited back to the swell event, therefore is their liberal friend really their friend? LOUDelf, “get the f@*k off” Sir Ducks “lawn” as the song says. Talk to the hand, talk to the hand!

  15. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    are they really “touting” Palin as front-runner in 2012?
    Holy Mackerel, the repubs are screwed,
    …or fascist/nationalists…
    …or both

    (maybe the time is really right for a left party as the repubs turn into the italian fascist party, and the dems keep leaning rightward?)

  16. cripsyduck Says:

    What, left? Don’t be silly. Running in circles is the national pastime. We’ll catch our tail yet!

  17. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    yeah, maybe u r right

  18. cripsyduck,

    You’re confusing GOP support for Palin with other issues here. I personally saw her to be a whackjob, but I’m neither the voice of the GOP, or a member. However, when you look at who the RNC is mentioning as top candidates for 2012, you’ll see her name banterred about. And apparently she does have support as her PAC seems to have a good-sized war-chest.

  19. dogboy,

    I think you’ve forgotten your meds. I’m not quite sure who your rant is aimed at, but it seems to lack much of a real point. Starts off great, but then digresses. Maybe you should stick more to actual points, and less to name-calling or re-naming.

    “Ever wonder why McFucknuckle got the nod?”. No. There’s a guy named Mike Huckabee that colluded with McCain later down the line (example: West Virginia) so that even though Romney had the most votes and electors, McCain’s camp pushed their votes to Huckabee so Romney ended up second. That wasn’t McCain winning because he was supported by the party, it was through trickery. There’s a difference.

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