Dogpile on the Flatulent Fucknuckle

My new favorite blog belongs to one Red S Tater. Who shall be referred to forthwith as:


Like it? Me too. He doesn’t. He keeps refusing my comments because I call him ‘Rhoid.

Anyway. This guy’s a classic Ditto-head, Heritage-Foundation-talking-points, everything-is-the-liberals-fault mouthpiece. Please go to his blog and let him know there are people other than crybaby conservatives on the web. It’ll piss you off AND you’ll have fun doing it.


8 Responses to “Dogpile on the Flatulent Fucknuckle”

  1. I support your efforts to verbally do battle with the evengelicals. I let Fester out of the cage for a moment with instructions to guilt the guy into letting you rip ’em up. We will see if it works. did you read this.
    Its all about the freedom to piss someone off with your words people. Get a grip. If you have the right to tell me that I need to have a personal relationship with Jebus, I sure as hell can tell you where you can get the fuck off the bus!

  2. cripsyduck Says:

    Good on ya, Scoob! If anyone sees any other self-righteous blogs out there, let me know. Stupid demands challenge when it screams with a megaphone from the soap box.

    Interesting Paglia piece, though – you know me – my sympathy for Rush is nill. Besides, no one came out better in the Limbaugh-Obama war than Rush himself. (rassafrassin’ rush….)

    Silly president.

  3. Ya gotta question who’s givin’ him advice if he is so easily caught up in that rat trap. The sheepeople will always support a lone voice, even if they disagree, when attacked by what they perceve as the “Govament”, and in this case even if they like Obama. the President needs to rid himself of the Clintonistas cause they are obviously think that its smart to continue and fight the battles from ten years ago. Not smart.

  4. cripsyduck Says:

    perhaps so….

    BTW… it worked with old ‘Roid. He posted a couple of my thoughts. (though I do take exception with your characterization of me as irrational… Ann Coulter I’m not.)

    Thanks, brudder.

  5. Remember it’s Fester who is taking point on slappin around the evengelical wanna be conservitive. Maybe a better phrase Fester could have used would have been intensly passionate. I’m puttting Fester back in his cage, the job has been accomplished, and he’s starting to drool on the keyboard.

    Love you brudder.

  6. cripsyduck Says:

    I think we both need foam guards for our keyboards. Do they make those?

  7. Well it did not take long for me to get “banned”. Some of your posts are up but only one of mine, the first one, got on “Gods own ‘Roid”‘s site. My opinion is that evangelicals are CINO’s and have mutated into followers of some despotic concept they swear is Christianity. To call them sheep is to hate on sheep. They are Lemmings crying out to someone they really don’t know as they throw themselves off the cliff.

  8. cripsyduck Says:

    Yeah, that dude’s a real piece of work. Fuck ’em.

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