Divided America Leaning Hard Left

The Center for American Progress is highlighting a new study that shows that, while Americans may still be divided along party lines, they are increasingly united over ideological substance.

“On the domestic front, after years of supply-side tax cuts, support for corporations (especially extractive oil and mining companies), and deregulation of the economy, large percentages of Americans increasingly favor progressive ideas centered on: sustainable lifestyles and green energy; public investment in education, infrastructure, and science; financial support for the poor, elderly, and sick; regulation of business to protect workers and consumers; and guaranteed affordable health coverage for every American. On the international front, the legacy of the Bush years has yielded to an American public far more interested in restoring the country’s image abroad, fighting climate change, and pursuing security through diplomacy, alliances, and international institutions than in the continued pursuit of national objectives through the sole projection of military might.

Approximately two-thirds of Americans—reaching to 70 percent to 80 percent on some measures—agree with progressive ideas in each of these domestic and global areas.”

Maybe it’s time to get something done.


4 Responses to “Divided America Leaning Hard Left”

  1. Have you read this yet! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ucru/20090319/cm_ucru/changeyoucanparse
    Hope and change??? “He’s already become more dangerous to democracy and basic human rights than George W. Bush. Unlike Bush, he has no political opposition.”- Ted Rall
    Electing an African American was a great thing, very moving. And look what unconscious enthusiasm got us. Same shit, plus some extra, in a different shirt. The reality of Obama is starting to make McFucknuckle look like a missed opportunity.

  2. cripsyduck Says:

    A little but of hyperbole, perhaps?

    Big shocker. Fuck Ted Rall. Here’s the kind of shit that seals the deal in the
    “who think humans are just trivial fodder to be disposed of at will” category:


  3. It was early so coming up with something deliberate and an obvious exaggeration used for effect was not intentional. I can’t wait to read the artical.

  4. I’ve never heard this exact story before but I am familiar with the “we knew ahead of time” supposition. It’s probably true that the attack was known to be coming and the delivery method, but up to what level of political leadership, I don’t think we’ll ever really know. One of the things I hate about politicians is the “plausible deniability” mentality that pervades the world’s political élites. Interestingly enough I was watching a History Ch. show on Pearl Harbor on Friday night. There is a striking similarity in how information that was learned prior to the attack was used and analyzed. If I remember correctly, the most compelling information came from the US ambassador to Japan who had overheard a conversation about the impending attack, a couple of weeks or more prior to the attack, and passed the info on. The commanders at Pearl decided that Pearl couldn’t possibly be the point of attack. They based their assumption on distance from Japan and that Roosevelt had moved the fleet there to protect against just that scenario. They were more concerned with sabotage then actual attack which lead to actions that resulted in more destruction, i.e. parking all the planes in tight rows instead of the usual practice of disbursement around the runway. I’m sure you have knowledge of the other indications, hints, and theories surrounding that event. Same goes for the recent examples of Korea, Bay of Pigs, and I’m would guess other politically motivated “attacks” through out history.

    I believe that all politicians have a tendency to think along the lines of “We can’t let a crisis go to waste”. I have seen a couple of stories where this exact phrase to either Rahm Emanuel or Hillary. I don’t think the point is who said what, it’s that the evidence is that this is the mindset of the professional politician. It’s just too easy, like what Cramer was hammered for by Stewart, to manipulate information and the people who report on it to get the result you want. Especially if you are perceived to be authoritative. As the Brandonista would say “Power corrupts”. I’ll leave it to you to fill in my oft mentioned and debated partial solution. Gun sales have exploded recently and ammo mfgs can’t keep up with the demand. And if you’ve watched Battle Star Galactic, the concept of the rise and fall of humanity is a reoccurring loop throughout all time. Question is can the cycle be broken or is it all Gods plan. A lot of talk about God for a TV show.

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