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Wow. Well, Comedy Central featured a bizarre sequence last night, the shellacking of CNBC by Jon Stewart, with Jim Cramer taking it full in the face. It was hard to watch. The audience could barely figure out when to cheer.

For the entire 12 minute sequence, Stewart never let up, like he was going to hold Cramer personally responsible for the skewed forecasting CNBC has made their stock and trade (puns intended). Continue reading

The War on Drugs: Reagan’s Sinister Cancer Eating the Soul of the U.S. and Sucking Its Coffers Dry

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I’ve always had a beef with the War on Us… I mean, Drugs. Nixon first started this fictional war against an inanimate object, but it was Reagan who kicked it into high gear. Some of us are old enough to remember Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” propaganda campaign, which probably served more to turn young people onto the existence of self-medication than to discourage them in any way.

The War on Drugs is a farce and a crime against the citizens of the United States. Couple this with a private prison industry lobbying for harsh penalties to make sure cells are filled and their bottom lines are met, and you’ve got a really nasty formula for citizen repression.

Now add in that non-whites are targeted at five times the rate of whites, even though drug use is the same in all of these communities, and you’ve got a doozy of a bald-faced, racist, repressive, ridiculous cluster-fart. And it’s expensive, to boot! $40 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

Alvaro Vargas Llosa has written an interesting analysis over at The New Republic.

Divided America Leaning Hard Left

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The Center for American Progress is highlighting a new study that shows that, while Americans may still be divided along party lines, they are increasingly united over ideological substance.

“On the domestic front, after years of supply-side tax cuts, support for corporations (especially extractive oil and mining companies), and deregulation of the economy, large percentages of Americans increasingly favor progressive ideas centered on: sustainable lifestyles and green energy; public investment in education, infrastructure, and science; financial support for the poor, elderly, and sick; regulation of business to protect workers and consumers; and guaranteed affordable health coverage for every American. On the international front, the legacy of the Bush years has yielded to an American public far more interested in restoring the country’s image abroad, fighting climate change, and pursuing security through diplomacy, alliances, and international institutions than in the continued pursuit of national objectives through the sole projection of military might.

Approximately two-thirds of Americans—reaching to 70 percent to 80 percent on some measures—agree with progressive ideas in each of these domestic and global areas.”

Maybe it’s time to get something done.

Dogpile on the Flatulent Fucknuckle

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My new favorite blog belongs to one Red S Tater. Who shall be referred to forthwith as:


Like it? Me too. He doesn’t. He keeps refusing my comments because I call him ‘Rhoid.

Anyway. This guy’s a classic Ditto-head, Heritage-Foundation-talking-points, everything-is-the-liberals-fault mouthpiece. Please go to his blog and let him know there are people other than crybaby conservatives on the web. It’ll piss you off AND you’ll have fun doing it.

Scalp ‘Em

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Phish returned last weekend with three sold-out shows at Hampton Coliseum. More power to ’em. I wasn’t there. Kinda wish I was, since I had a life changing experience there in 1988 (that’s another story…), and I’ve always appreciated Phish. (though their fans can be a bit much…)

The New York Times had a nice column on the shows. One thing noted in the piece was the fact that few, if any, of the attendees paid face-value for their tickets.

There are laws against this, right? If reports are accurate, scalpers made 10-20 times more on the shows than Phish themselves, and their fans gladly paid the price. What kind of mafia bullshit is the ticket industry? Why can’t this be stopped?