What I would give to throw my shoes at George Bush

Just sayin’.


14 Responses to “What I would give to throw my shoes at George Bush”


  2. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    hope you get your chance, of course, the guy got severely pummeled for that, too pummeled to attend a court hearing
    you can help him out at http://www.iraqsnuclearmirage.com/articles/Zaydi.html
    sign the petition to let him go.

    as far as what I or you wouldn’t give, how about a day of protest, or a march to prosecute for war crimes?

  3. oh yeah, a bunch of hippies with signs always gets their attention

  4. Did either of you ever see ‘Ali McBeal”? There was a great caricature on that show, the classic over driven PTA Mom. She’d always show up at that principles office to complain with something for the principle “SMELL THAT! THAT’S THE SMELL OF……….”” Look at this! What you’re…””FEEL THIS! THAT’S WHAT…….” think the “object you’d like to through at GWB” motif might just work in wacky C-ville. It’s about promotion and feeling better. If the event is well publicized ahead of time, the point has already been made by the time of the event. The event allows for put posters up everywhere and buggin’ media types and scene makers to cover it. If you get numbers than you get the money shot above the fold photo w/ short description and -cont. on A39-. BUT you get to vent very publicly and generally louder than a blog. Hell I think Andrew Jackson had a cow patty thrown at him on the Whitehouse lawn during the party, open to the public, after his inauguration. Obama should hold a street party.

  5. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    not sure but I think there are some plans for shoe related demonstrations, i’ll keep ya informed if so
    as for protest marches, if all the people opposed to these wars would get off their asses (myself included!) people would notice, and it beats guerilla shoe throwing at a guy who is inaccessible, how many people did he convince anyway?
    it also hurts when the so called “progressive” movement opposes marching due to their support of obama

  6. cripsyduck Says:

    First, BC, I hope you’re not suggesting that I give a shit about the centrist Democrat Barack Obama. I don’t and you know it. He’d have to come pretty far to the left to get me excited about his actual policy.

    Nor am I a member of any “movement” or “party.” That shit’s for wanna-bees. I’m real. I fucking EXIST. I don’t need some pseudo humanist cult to justify my reality. It may be arrogant, it may be wasteful, but at least it’s REAL.

    Personally, I think our little musical project has done more to affect people’s opinions than any undersized display of defiance you or I could otherwise conjure. (Too bad we STILL don’t have another CD – then again, we have a hard time giving more than four hours a week to our 12 year old music project (no wonder we’re so famous) – where are we gonna find time to do something even more meaningful for society at large?)

    Shit, in the 1960’s MILLIONS marched on Washington to oppose the war and what happened? The war went on for 8 more years. Give me a break if you think that kind of protest does much. We’d ALL have to move onto the mall in DC PERMANENTLY, stop traffic, lay down in the street, get arrested, clog the legal justice system and really make a stink to affect anything. Millions of us. Ready to die. True satyagraha.

    A general strike would wake the powerful IF any of the people employed by US companies actually lived in the US.

    I think we’re fucked until things get so bad there’s no choice but to swim for the surface. Until then, we’re bought and paid for. We may as well throw our shoes. At least that means something.

  7. Geeze Man. Its the holidays. You both need a dose of “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”. I like the Linus sililoque to put things in perspective. Love is what its all about. If through all this shit, we can still love each other, than it’s all good.

  8. “give unto Caesar….”
    “the revolution will not be televised….”

  9. cripsyduck Says:

    “ain’t really life, ain’t really life, ain’t really nuthin’ but a movie…”

    Gil Scott Heron, forever!

  10. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    didn’t realize my post sounded so bitchy! i wasn’t refering to you cripsy in my gripe about progressives, I had just read about a big peace coalition UFPJ deciding not to march on Mar 21 (Iraq anniversary) obama people are in control of their group, they seem to not want to embarass Obama.
    It pssed off a lot of people, including me, don’t want to see the anti-war crowd stifled.
    I think you are right about individual spreading of truth and dissent, probably the most effective tool in stopping war(s),
    that said, whether you like it or not, all of us are part of various movements, I’m part of the burgeoning guitart cello duo movement!
    I’m still gonna march, wish more people would, civil rights demonstrations in the 50’s and 60’s affected things, so did the labor movement strikes way back at the turn of the century.
    Given the oppurtunity, i would love to throw a shoe at george bush, but that isn’t likely, but i can participate in organizations and marches that try to express dissent in group, rather than individual ways.

  11. cripsyduck Says:

    naked march for peace!

  12. ET (earakemyeye) Says:

    I was going to throw my shoe at the Mayor, but I did not get up until 3pm. and I needed some coffee and food, so perhaps tomorrow. No Wait, its a holiday–next week (next year) I will engage in throwing of the shoe!
    PMT—ya east coast custie bitches!!!

  13. cripsyduck Says:

    ET! (et phoned home and it was good to talk with him)

  14. Taocircle Says:

    I would give my nine-and-a-half inch dick to throw a shoe lace at Bush! The fucking idiot! Why do we allow this to go on? Why don’t we just put a gun to our head and do it ourselves? They don’t like us or care about us (politicians), but we keep putting these snobby asses in power. And he (Bush) was a blantant idiot, which shows you how much we really love this country and our freedom. I was waiting for the t.v. broadcasters to put up a poll on the fact of how many of us americans were happy that man had the heart. But those pussies didn’t have the heart!

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