I Think I Just Had an Obasm

If you’re anywhere near sick of conservative domination in the U.S., then last night was sheer political ecstacy for you. It was for me.

In my entire (four decade) life, I’ve only voted for two candidates I actually wanted to win. Tonight, one finally did. (The other was Nader in ’00. (And he’s still right, damnit!))

Usually I just vote against conservatives, who I find hypocritical, reactionary and boring. But in Barack Obama I found a real statesman. A Constitutional scholar, brilliant orator and “self-made” man.

And he’s BLACK! (triple bonus word score!)

Obama’s race played no part in my decision to support him. I am caucasion. I went to college. I guess I fit the demographic.

Barack Hussein Obama won me over with his vision, his spirit, and his brain. I just dug where he was coming from and how he was describing it. Re-telling the American Dream.

But in reflection, I knew how important his ascendence would be to millions of “minority” Americans who have always wondered how racist this country REALLY is, at its core.

Tonight, in an absolute landslide, their fears were answered.


Senator John McCain delivered a glorious concession speech: gracious, eloquent and almost tearfully resolved. He was inspiring, and it was brilliant. He even managed to reign in the hecklers.

And then HE spoke.

After months and months of the sloganized pop single “Yes We Can,” Barack Obama brought forth the extended-play, uber-inspirational opus: a speech for all times, a call for unity, sacrifice, community and devotion. IT WAS AWE INSPIRING.

I wept.

The news coverage was a bit too ethnocentric. While the election is a huge and undeniable civil rights milestone, it’s clear that’s of smaller significance to Obama himself. The man aspires to a great American union. I really hope those who oppose him can hear that. It is the single most important message he brings us. WE owe it to each other to make a better future. And it can be done. We will do it.

Yes we can.


27 Responses to “I Think I Just Had an Obasm”

  1. now comes the hard part…

  2. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    the hard part indeed,
    with supposed die hard lefties like cripsy in full on ecstasy over this guy, he can do whatever he wants. It’s “my president right or wrong” all over again, only this time no left wing to stand in his way.

    Gotta say i’m happy he won, but a lot surprised at how sentimental the duckster’s post is. The biblical “HE” instead of “he” is frightening.

    They all call for “unity, sacrifice, community, and devotion” even when they lose. I just hope that his call for the people to take charge and stay involved is heeded by the people when they see things aren’t going well, and that Obama could listen to the people when they start wanting out of afghanistan, pakistan, and actual health care for everybody.
    In Unity, for now,
    barndoor cowlegs

  3. BC speaks so well, I have nothing to add.

  4. cripsyduck Says:

    Wait a minute.

    I never said the big O could fix everything (hell, I don’t think Mighty Mouse could save the day now), but this was a HUGE election and neither of you jerks gave a shit. You sat on the sidelines, picking your noses, complaining that it wasn’t turning into Utopia overnight.

    Give the man his due, for crissakes. And forgive me for being impressed.

  5. No doubt, Obama is THE MAN. that is resoundingly clear. and I will be very proud to have a president that is articulate, intelligent, and principled. Color me impressed. He also has a clear mandate to change direction, which is very exciting. my initial comment was meant to be sobering, but not to take away anything from this great day. but its hard to steer a big ship, and one of the downsides to unifying the country is that the ship of state gets even bigger. also, lets see what kind of poison pills bush will plant before he is tarred and feathered in January. also, there are leeches everywhere, just like always. I am very pleased with the election but only cautiously optimistic. I hope the super irrational cranks in the GOP are right and that he is way more radical and unsettling than he let on during the election: cabinet posts for Ayers and Wright!

  6. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    I do give a shit,
    and i’m glad he won.
    I suppose i am impressed as well. But on the sidelines i am not.
    I am just fearful that Obama will get no opposition when he does typically bad guy power stuff.
    No one has said anything thus far that Rahm Emannuel was a big time welfare reform supporter.
    I believe Mighty Mouse could save the day, and I am optimistic that Obama might be able to accomplish a lot of good things.
    On a different note, it was a big election for anti-rascism, but a super huge defeat for gay rights, lots o gay marriage bans happened tuesday, including places where Obama won.
    welp, sorry to piss off everyone with my concerns, I truly am happy he won.

  7. I guess I should have indicated that it is exciting that America will be allowed to shake off the “racist hicks” moniker that the rest of the world has seemed to put on the country. Even though humanity worldwide will never be able to ride itself completely of the unrepentantly ignorant. Obama’s or anyone’s race has never been an issue for me, but his membership in the duopoly party does. As for the election, I did certainly give a shit, and BC helped me come to an unexpected decision, especially for a conservative in the true libertarian mold. I think what is truly exciting is that the Rubadub party may be so damaged that a schism between the Rockefeller centrist conservative corporate class and the libertarian/conservative folk who desire policies descendant from the founding, may create a real split that may at least put more players on the field. More parties, more better! Obama is not showing he’s any more radical than Clinton. He has chosen
    Illinois Democrat Rahm Emanuel to be the next White House chief of staff, is strongly considering Robert F. Kennedy to be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency and Caroline Kennedy for the position of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
    I have read that if he chooses to bump Gates as Defense Secretary, Powell is a candidate, and that Kerry is being considered for State, Schwarzenegger for Secretary of Energy
    or Penn Gov. Rendell. Here’s a quote “His transition team consists of former one-time Clinton chief of staff John Podesta and Obama has staffed an advisory board overseeing the transition with former Clinton administration officials Carol Browner, William Daley and Federico Pena.” Granted they are experienced in doing the change over but I would think those folks are not who the people who elected Obama expected to have involved or they would have voted for Hillary, right?

    Dows down to 8800 and oils down to $61 and I saw gas for $1.99 in Richmond last Friday. I don’t know what this all means but I thought you’d like to know.

    YA MASS! http://apnews.myway.com/article/20081106/D949BEOG0.html
    Boo Cali. and Fla.

  8. cripsyduck Says:

    I’m no fan of Rahm (shill for Israel, anyone?), and am always dubious of Democratic “centrism,” but I think we should at least let these guys try to do something before we say they are incapable of anything.

    One thing is certain, something has changed.

  9. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, for a little while, i’m sure i’ll be pleased with some things that happen, remember-
    Solidarity, for now

  10. I am with ya on let’s see. The change I think is America can no longer be called a racist country. Check out Chocolate News on Comedy Central. It is very funny.

  11. Call me petty, but I’ve been dying to say it: “Fuck you, conservatives! We’ll take it from here!”

  12. cripsyduck Says:

    Amen, Stevsie. (nice “Life Aquatic” reference)

    I’m sorry, Scooby, but Apartheid ended in South Africa (not a state – let Palin know) how many years ago? I’ll bet you’ll find the weirdest freaky racists of both stripes there to this day.

    If you’d been violently oppressed for generations, would you forget overnight? Or better yet, if you’d believed you were genetically authorized to oppress others, could you give that up just because the government told you to?

    Racism will still take decades to overcome, just like homophobia and fear of marijuana.

    Some stupid shit just can’t be washed off with with clorox. I wish it weren’t so….

  13. I’m not say that there are not still alot of Hyper-ignorant people, of both political stripes, that will never understand. What I am saying and I have heard this all over the the media(tv, internet, ect) is that the world view of America as a racist hick country has been disproven and disspelled. People are stunned that we accually elected a black man to the most powerful position on the planet. It is the culmination of forty plus years of change in this country. There have been many who have gained possitions of power throughout this country that have led to this moment. From Lincon’s emanipacion proclamation, Truman intergrating the armed forces to, no matter how distastful to the left it is to admit, Bush appointing two African Americans( a phase that I think is not race nutral), a man and a woman no less, to represent the country to the world a Secritary of State. This change started long befor President Elect Obama was elected but his election put the definitive exclamation point on the factual statement. America is not a racist country. It may have been for a long time but it ain’t no more. MLK’s dream is reality. “Free at last. Great God all mighty, free at last”.

  14. cripsyduck Says:

    Well, no doubt, America looks way better to its peers today. No doubt at all.

    Let’s just hope the brilliant bastard avoids militant racists long enough to maybe do some good. (though I won’t be holding my breath)

  15. 10-4 that!

  16. all this shows is that fewer young people are racist in the US (which is great. of course, as likely they will get a chance to grow up, mutated and impoverished thought they may be. 90% of blacks voting for obama does not indicate race blind behavior, nor does the voting record of the over 55 demographic. and the latino vote is hard to read, because many latinos are black but not “african american” – I don’t know how they count that. bottom line for me is that this is less important than the fact that the electorate woke up and the GOP the ass kicking it so richly deserved for so many reasons, mainly: corruption, mountains of illegal activity, arrogance, and monumental stupidity (at best, at worst more corruption). if obi bama kenobi loses his rudder and does more of the same shit, than I hope he gets housed too in 4 years. However, for the moment, I am hoping that he takes this mandate and says like it or lump it, here comes the water! (look at those mammalian protuberances!) And for you so called conservatives who still support the failed bush/cheney coup d’etat, here comes the ice pick in the forehead!…golly what fun, come back and play next week!….I love this country! I love that about half of us finally stood up for our birthright and knocked out wannabe dick-taters baby jesus bush and are watering the tree of liberty with his drool. too bad we let him steal all our money and dignity first…I guess the real america is slow to anger and quick to forgive. If we impeach him real quick can he still issue those midnight executive orders?

  17. I thought we were supposed to be happy and proud and only the loonies were still pissed off and angry that the big O hadn’t demanded Bush’s lynching right after the election. I guees you can always find something to be pissed about if you look hard enough. Maybe a handful of valium would help you understand that tuesday the country lived up to it’s founding princibles. Tuesdays meaning is much deeper than kicking who evers ass. You realy loose me and do disservice to the historical impact of the moment when you immedatly jump back into the shit pile of hate. I guess you’ll be part of the crowd calling for Obamas head if he doesn’t do exactly what you expect, immedatly. So much for progressive thinking from you!

  18. Yes I have been drinking, so f@#king what.

  19. cripsyduck Says:

    WaitaminuteScooby! I don’t want Bush/Cheney hanged! I want them sodomized in the public square by the two biggest, butchest biker fags I can get my hands on. Is that so much to ask? For Democracy?

    Obama’s punishment has yet to be decided. Let’s let him screw some shit up, first.

  20. cripsyduck Says:

    I apologize to homosexuals offended by my use of the word “fags.” I meant it in the spirit of true meanness, and not in bigotry. Sexuality is a human right, church be damned, and we’re in this together, people.

  21. As long as the sodomy is filmed in high def and broadcast instead of Oprah, I’m ok with it. I think it would actually be more interesting if Dick did George while giving a reach around to his former boss. To lube or not to lube is a question though.

  22. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    i’d settle for good old fashioned impeachment and arrest

  23. cripsyduck Says:

    Jeez, man… that’s pretty kinky. I don’t think the mainstreamers would support it. Now, public defiling’s another matter…

  24. Ya know, Chaney’s bald. Think he’s a bear?

  25. perhaps the same LSD addled moose that hunter Thompson locked in a room with Ed Meese could be brought into play…

  26. Love it! A flash backy moose, Chaney in on of those full body leather strap cock ring get ups, Bush with a black leather zipper mouth S&M head piece with accompanying ball gag, and a kiddies pool filled with cherry flavored ‘My Secret Desensitizing Anal Ease Gel’, in a chain link cage at Lafayette Park, high noon on MLK day. HD pay per view with proceeds going to wounded vets. How much do you think could be raised?

  27. Tawnya "Cripsy's cousin" Cole Says:

    Good work cuz, you finally voted for a winner. You’re living in a republican state so what do you expect to be surrounded by but a bunch of uptight, panties-in-a-bunch, bitter republicans. Free yourself, let’s all move to Chicago!

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