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My Addiction

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Believe it or not, it isn’t cannabis.

I am addicted to light, and specifically, capturing it. I’ve become a compulsive amateur photographer.

This happened rather suddenly, though the roots went down a long time ago. In 1988, my father sent me off for a semester in India with his 1960s Ricoh 35mm. Complete with a hot-shoe-mounted light meter, that sweet little two pound metal beast accompanied me all over the world’s biggest democracy for four months. I took a ton of disposable tourist crap and a few well-composed and decently-metered shots. I had no idea what I was doing. I pretty much still don’t.

Narain and Guru
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I Think I Just Had an Obasm

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If you’re anywhere near sick of conservative domination in the U.S., then last night was sheer political ecstacy for you. It was for me. Continue reading

Go Vote!

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Ain’t nothin’ but history, baby.

And if you want somebody to watch the results with, come down to Gravity Lounge this evening where Brandon and I (Barling and Collins, the world’s deadliest guitar/cello duo) will be playing along with Trees on Fire and others.