Who’s afraid of an ill-informed lynch mob?

Noted Christian conservative Frank Schaeffer, son of one the modern evangelical movement’s most respected founders, Francis Schaeffer, has come out against the McCain campaign with a powerful argument.

Well said, good fellow.


11 Responses to “Who’s afraid of an ill-informed lynch mob?”

  1. Son’s rairly truely follow their fathers footsteps and more often than not differ strongly on almost anything.

  2. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    Frank Schaeffer on Democracy Now! did Cripsy out scoop Amy? or did he get it from their broadcast? check it out http://www.democracynow.org either way I heard it on the “Luscious Dump” first!
    p.s. Brian got all his VA electors…

  3. cripsyduck Says:

    Are you kidding? Amy Goodman gets up way before I do. (I heard it there – she’s got an interview with him.) Though the article ran three days ago.

  4. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    Even still, I’ve heard quite a few things on this blog for the first time, good job Cripsy, too bad it’s mostly me and dogboy paying attention, maybe we can get some other weirdos chiming in.
    Uhh, this nationalist insanity was pretty evident at the repub convention too, no wonder we see more at these campiagn rallies, not sure it will stop either, if you got a group of supporters, you want them to still support you. Take Virgil Goode (please!!) err..for example, he really milks that anti immigrant thing, sounds completely bigoted and un-american to most, but it really mobilizes people, it happens too in the areas outside of Richmond, bad policies, but sure brings out the (nationalist) vote.

  5. A petition calling for the resignation of Palin from the GOP ticket, started by moi:

    She is evil & must be stopped.

  6. even junior Buckley sees that its only the evil rich, nutjobs, and desperate bigots who support the GOP at this point. check out the news stories that describe some of the reactions his article supporting obama elicited. these people (i.e half our country) are literally deluded, and refuse to accept any suggestion that political ideas should have any practical value. “say what makes me feel good, do whatever you want.” is their pathetic chant. here’s my new, overly long, not very catchy slogan:
    “fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice, shame on us, fool us three times? Dear God! please tell me we are not that stupid.” Of course, I fear we are. “I used to believe that everything has its limits, but every day I get proven wrong.”

  7. This is intresting. It’s of a newspaper website. the paper is published by The Wilkes-Barre Publishing Company.?. http://www.timesleader.com/news/breakingnews/Secret_Service_says_Kill_him_allegation_unfounded_.html

  8. cripsyduck Says:

    Well, they definitely yelled “Terrorist,” “commie faggot,” “blue lips” and a bunch of other racist shit. Oh, and one woman seems to think he’s an Arab (wonder where she got that idea?)

    Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that the secret service detail assigned to McCain is uninterested in Obama’s safety. Big shocker.

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