Not the Maverick’s maverick

I love this story.


7 Responses to “Not the Maverick’s maverick”

  1. saramason Says:

    Maverick: “Lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates.”

    He may be “branded” a Republican but that does not mean he always thinks or acts like one.

  2. cripsyduck Says:

    Yeah, but he ain’t no Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich. And the Maverick family certainly aren’t impressed.

  3. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    What, exactly, is McCain’s independent stance against the Republican party?

  4. I have an answer for you BC. When he thinks he’s getting a little too tight with the party and might not get as much attention (read press coverage) as he needs to satisfy his ego, he pisses on them while they asleep and sets a bag of dog poop on fire at their front door. Ya know, I really loved James Garner as Brett Maverick and whoever played his brother the gun slinger. What a great show. I feel a sleep for 35 minutes tonight durring the “I’m going to say what you said but with a different rhythm and pitch and say what you said was misleading” event. I don’t think I missed anything.

  5. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    no you didn’t miss any major wedgies or elbows to the face, sure would like to see some flaming dog poop on CNN,

    still would like to know what saramason thinks that McCain has done (recently) outside the party platform.

    PS both those guys’ health plans are worthless

  6. cripsyduck Says:

    He was a bit of a free spirit when he turned on his Keating 5 cohorts and testified against them to avoid prosecution.

  7. Just more evidence that being an elected offical is not supposed to be your job, its a period of time for you to serve your country, if you want, and get out. Thats why their pay, until recently, was lower than what they could have recieved if they had real jobs.

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