Wanna Know What Really Scares Me?

Ever heard of Joel’s Army? Me neither. Christian Al-Qaeda. The real Republican base? Maybe.

Too much information right here.


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  1. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    My read is that the “Christian Right” is as concerned as you are. All religions have zealots and that fact is what riles up the left, agnostics, and atheist. It’s been that way since the down of religion. Just because dogma is twisted by some fruit loop does not impugn the whole sect. You ever meet the guy who said he could get into any Dead show by his mental powers given to him by an alien and then see him inside? I have and yet I would not put all dead heads into the same mental institution that guy should be in. I’ll say it again, “All humans suck, long live the humans”. The only reason these nuts are out on the street is that the left, under Carter, demanded closing all the loony bins, granted I wouldn’t want to be in one, but hey, I ain’t out there preachin’ crazy shit to teenagers. It comes back to a back left vs. right argument. To try and deter actions by providing a consequences to actions (i.e.: forced treatment) or telling the people that you are providing treatment that you can get if you want or not. Your choice. I just love when the left gets what comes down the road of unintended consequences. Oh and the lefts Iraq crap has been sent back to where it came from. On CBS Sunday an interview with the widely (both left and right) regarded world expert on insurgencies, details in his latest work that the reason that we have been in longer than needed has roots back to the revolution and ever war since. The joint chiefs and their immediate underlings spend years and billions predicting the next war scenario in a box. When war come these dick heads use what’s in the box so they don’t have to explain why what they did for the last 10yrs was a waste of time and money. The civilian side is not military so they take the advice. Steve Hadley asst to D Rumsfeld, according to the expert, was the one who got Patraous (?), a serious student of counter insurgency, to replace the previous General who was ignorant of insurgency and was unwilling to accept the facts on the ground and relay them truly to GWB, DC, and Rummy. Check it out if the left are able to accept something other than the mantra.

  2. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    Sorry- should read ” the dawn” not “the down”

  3. You’re amazing. It’s pretty clear which side the radical revolutionary psuedo-Christians and racist shitheads vote for.

    Sure, Rush Jr., the left is the problem. Yeah, it’s lefty professors with patches on their sleeves, not the right wing Chicago economics Friedmanite fuckheads who sodomized our fair nation. Blame it on naked hippie chicks at Woodstock. They ruined EVERYTHING! You guys are class A rubes.

    REAGAN dumped and defunded the mental institutions, turning thousands of shell-shocked Vietnam vets and other bruised fruits out onto the streets. And yet Sean Hannity tells you that Carter did it and you buy it.

    Reagan was full of all kinds of brilliant ideas (before alzheimers took a bite out of his brain: sometime in 1979), like when he revoked all tax incentives for getting your house off the grid and then REMOVED THE SOLAR PANELS FROM THE ROOF OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

    Stay out of the kool aid, your lips are turning bright red.

  4. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    You know, some good people voted for the Nationalist party in Germany too. Poor argument. I guess the same could be side about Black Panther party members voting for democrats. This is what scares me:
    Oh and just to remind the audience; the right does not support taxes on the cost of doing business. If you wish to voice the contrary position, be my guest.
    Oh contraire, I was there when Jimma found that what had traditionally been a state funded issue was a deplorable, unenlightened, and stuck in old ways of thinking about how you treat mental illness mess. It was a human rights issue. Have you forgotten how the right forced any person who was off their rocker into state run institutions? So to solve this injustice, the state institutions were put under federal jurisdiction, many were closed and the rest were thus to be financed by federal funds. I believe that Regan opposed the increases in funding of fewer institutions from a level that was covering all the institutions, including those that were closed.
    Solar tech in 1980 was a waste of money and made the place look bad. You could see them from the road on the mall side, I lived there. Besides the techs not there yet to get the reliability and cost down to where the majority of the population would accept it. Thus the call for federal funded research. Ya, I’ll pay you three times for a tech that only works while the suns up. Sounds great because I am so guilt ridden about having to live here when the rest of the world can’t afford to live here. It really sucks and it makes me feel bad.

  5. cripsyduck Says:

    Dude. I drive a diesel jetta wagon. When I bought that car in ’06, diesel fuel was considerably cheaper than regular gas. I could fill up for $20. But for some reason, ever since Queen George lifted the restrictions on fuel additives for diesel after Katrina, my gas has been at least $.50 more per gallon than regular fuel. I wonder who is making all that extra dough?

    My jetta gets about 40-45 mpg, and I love it. (Of course with my fuel being more expensive, the savings is negligible.)

    It seems to me the problem with Ford’s new line is that THEY DON’T BUILD THEIR CARS IN THE U.S. I think the article is dead wrong in saying that Americans won’t spend 25k on a car that gets 65mpg. They will. Happily. But then who would buy up all those left over Hummers?

    I think businesses should be taxed for doing business and should be happy to do so. How else are they going to have an educated workforce, roads to do commerce on and plenty of money left over for reckless and stupid military conflicts?

    Oh, and if I believed right wing fascists were capable of feelings of guilt, I’d have a lot more hope for the country. But you don’t. We get the picture.

  6. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    -’02 I paid .99 a gallon in lynchburg at the Smile station off 29. Oil was $25. In ’06 tax in VA on Desil was .16, in ’08 it is .44. VA is makin’ that dough fella thanks to the legislature and Timmy Kane.

    The left over hummer is a better choice in terms of environmental impact due to production impact of oil based plastic and carbon fiber. It would take about 5-to 10 yrs, depending on used car milage to off set the impact of building a new car.

    If your business expenses, and taxes are a expense, go up, who pays that? Go over to the Darden school and ask a first year. I would bet a dollar to a doughnut that they will tell you added expenses are always passed on to the consumer. Ever seen those “stop feeding the pig” ads? The point is that corp america only has power if you buy their products. Don’t you feel guity by buying that new evil product that you saved up for? You realy should have done something good with that money like give to some politico so they can spend it on that jet fuel to come and tell you how they are going to save you.

    I get the picture too. Here it is. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2008/president/us/general_election_mccain_vs_obama-225.html

  7. cripsyduck Says:

    A hummer’s a better buy? For environmental impact? Come on, man, join the party. Just because you’ve been wrong before doesn’t mean you have to stay wrong-headed.

  8. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    CBS did the segment; I am just repeating an interesting fact. Unless journalist lie!?!!?! The analysis is between fabricating a new hybrid for purchase vs. buying a used vehicle. Let’s use the Honda they used in the story. The math works out to 10 years of use to equal the impact of manufacturing. If you can, try and be open to facts that don’t fit preconceived ideas that you’re getting screwed based on flawed notions of how things are. And at least respond to the whole post or I’ll start to tink I am win on those points. And then what would be the point?

  9. cripsyduck Says:

    Uh, what about the impact of buying ANY NEW CAR vs. buying a used one? Isn’t that the real question?

  10. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    Yes that is the question and the answer is as stated according to CBS.

  11. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    howsabout sell your used Hummer to a Republican and buy a Hybrid?
    also, Clinton had a couple of hummers and got in big trouble with republicans…for what it’s worth…

  12. you so funny! As long as the hybrid is used it works. I wonder if he’d paid for those would……

  13. shercock holmie Says:

    dudes, the point is missed, methinks. lets gather around the concept of ACTUALLY PAYING THE REAL COST FOR THE SHIT WE WANT. Yes, ostriches, the current economy suffers when corporations don’t get tax breaks – no shit that’s how they built it! yes, ostriches, cars and food should cost a lot more than they do – but if they didn’t subsidize them with money they borrow on our account, we’d have no surplus income to pay against our credit card payment for all the non essential crap they want to sell us. yes, ostriches, the wal-marts and food lions and GM lots are flooded with subsidized stuff for you to buy to distract you from the fact that the way Big Corp has decided to maintain the illusion of quality of life for most americans is to provide them with shit below cost – subsidized by loans – financial and environmental – that our future generation will never be able to repay. But just like in the last depression – those behind it have already got theirs, and they’ll get richer because of it. its scary how easy it is to get us to open up and swallow their bullshit about “passing it on to the consumer” – as if that’s not what they are doing already. Wake up. you are being used while smiling at the camera like the now ubiquitous dumb slut with nut on her face. Really, I saw it on CBS….AAAARGH!

  14. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    God love ya, you drain bamaged lefties. Who is going to determine “the real cost” of anything? The Greenspan’s (he who said that packaging of derivatives is a sure way to spread the risk of sub prime mortgages around ‘cuase housing values “never fall” and if they do home owners can “just wait it out”), the Reno’s (who threatened banks with legal action if they did not stop denying loans, i.e.” red lining”, to those who did not meet leading standards), or the members of congress ( for you who are ignorant, they are the ones whose reasonability it is to write and vote on the laws of this country, the president only signs or does not sign the laws they pass. Sometimes the executive branch will recommend langue of a bill but can not introduce it to be voted on. Did any of you go to civics class in 6th grade? This stuff is basic yet you try and attack individuals you don’t know, about issues you consciously and with some effort, refuse to understand by making ignorant statements about how our governmental and economic systems work.). By your logic, Shurcockie, demand for things does not exist in the natural world so there must be an awful lot of people makin’ corn dogs on the hope that I will eat them. Dude, are you serious? I guess you were born vegan, veggie, whatever, and never were introduced to the philosophy that postulates that that diet is a better and healthier way to live. Have you been to Whole Foods? Do you eat? What about that beer, coffee…crap… why do you even warrant honest debate? You don’t even have enough knowledge to debate. What you have written is enough to tell average, semi educated adults that you have bought (and yes I said BOUGHT) the narrow mindedness of an extremely small group of pie in the skyist. Ya know if I just bitch that everything about the US just sucks ass enough, things are going to get better for everyone. Let me know how you like wiping your ass with your left hand when you’re done dumping in the street! I say that because I think about what I support instead of just feeling good about it. You should try thinking about the positive, the negative and the unintended consequences of any ideal that comes to your wee chestnut. You may find it enlightening.

  15. shercock holmie Says:

    well fester, I must admit even a sleuth of my immense talents cant figure out what the hell you a saying, except that my previous post was too advanced for you. I’ll beak it down: first, retracing my earlier point in baby steps, then, if I have the energy, trying to mock your last post, even though it actually has no content – I’ll have to do your work for you which kinda takes the fun out of it.

    1. Certain – in fact most- items in our economy are subsidized (that means that by either addition of cash to the provider or removal of costly obligations to the provider those providers can make a profit while we pay less for the item.)

    2. those subsidies are paid for by taxpayers (that means those that actually pay taxes, not just theoretical taxpayers) either in the form of interest payments on loans, or the form of inflation so our income is effectively reduced, or in reductions to our quality of life: like air that makes our kids sick and food that has no nutritional value, or water that rots you from the inside out, or medicine that later turns out to hurt you.

    3. our government is the institution that has been set up to afford those of us who are not exceptionally wealthy and therefore exceptionally powerful to have a voice to say hey! that’s not cool!

    4. our government has been perverted to the point that those voices no longer matter, because the subsidies that in the long run are not good for the consumer of these “cheaper” goods are put in place by elected and appointed officials (both democrat and republican) that are paid to enact legislation that is contra the public good.

    5. the true cost of a commodity (and yes you are correct in noticing that demand for things exists – bravo) should be the cost to produce it in an environmentally neutral way and without any cash or other advantages handed to the producer by the government. if it costs millions to cleanup the air from you factory, then what you make should be very expensive, whether of not the government in your employ thinks people “need” it.

    6. Once it is subsidized and people incorporate it into their life style and therefore into the economy, it starts to be true and people do “need” it – e.g. cars. then the bullshit starts about not wanting to “pass it on to the consumer.” Its already passed on to the consumer – just behind their backs and over their heads.

    7. you apparently are one of those who is blind enough to believe that this is “just the way it is.” and that people had nothing to do with creating this economic model. you are a helper to those so called public servants who are paid off and those interests that pay them. you are apparently happy with that.

    This concludes the re-phrasing of my original post, hopefully in terms even you can understand.

    As to your rant in response, well there’s nothing to really respond to except that last part about how you think about what you support….and to that I say: “really?”

    peace. puppet.

  16. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    I am not as fine a wordsmith as the Duck so I’ll give you a break and respond. This is a point by point retort.

    1) Welfare is a subsidy. So let’s get rid of it.
    2) Like I said, you bitch about what you just don’t understand. Interest is the cost of borrowing, not a tax. I thankfully pay BB&T 6.5% per annum (yearly) on the $80,000 that I bought my house with. That’s $650 a month and I own it as long as I pay on time. What’s your rent? I have been unemployed twice in the last 3 years for periods up to 9 months. I am not wealthy. I’m currently on unemployment and yet I have never, in 12 years of having a mortgage, missed a payment. Figure that one out comrade. Inflation??? You have no idea about that one either. Go to econ class, do the math, and find out that $3 gas is cheaper that gas was in 1976.Or there abouts. I don’t think you’ll check the facts, it would ruin your mindless the USA sucks mindset.
    3) Representative Democracy is a bitch if you don’t get your minority view accepted by the majority. Than you just bitch and cry as to how unfair it all is. Those rich people, they just want to fuck me and steal all the money. Yea, all that time they spent working and investing, taking risk. It’s just awful that nobodies come and given you a couple of mill. so that you can stop bitch and do something like chill out in the Caribbean taking care of some turtles. Get a life and do something. If you’re not succeeding at what you’re doing, do something different.
    4) One phrase for a good point that you have blown out into the typical leftist delusions; TERM LIMITS. But who’s going to vote themselves out of a job?
    5) More environmental commie socialistic wiener dog crap. AlGore, the biggest share holder in the biggest carbon trading firm on the planet, has conned you. Talk about how rich people have screwed the place up. Remember this is the guy who wanted to censor the music industry. Are you old enough to remember Frank Zappa’s campaign against ol’ Al and Tipper during the ’88 election? I was at his show at the Warner Theater, saw his appearance directly after on Larry King, and loved how Frank beat the crap out of Gore with facts, not hype and guess work. I wonder what Frank would say about what Gore wants now and I am sure he’s disgusted with his wife and kids slurping down Al’s propaganda Kool-Aid.
    6) I guess you don’t have a bike, a car, CD’s, mp3’s, or vinyl, play an instrument, eat hot or cold food, drink cold beer or juice, or have a computer. Now wait a minute………!!??!! You know maybe you should just put the gas down for awhile, the whites of your eyes are turning yellow and I think that’s your brain sliding down the side of your face.
    7) I hate people! They are the cause of, and when I feel forgiving, the solution to all of life’s problems. Here is what you are going to misunderstand the most. LIFE IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE FAIR! Just ask the bunnies that my dog ate.

    Dumb dog!

  17. I think what shercocksickle’s trying to point out may have something more to do with this:
    The Story of Stuff

  18. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    Annie was right on until she said the job of government was “to take care of us”. I think that is the true keystone of the right vs. left debate. I can take care of myself vs. I need someone to take care of me and the variations on that statement in-between. Personally, I have needed and taken the governments help but have not relied upon it to be happy or successful. I just happen to be more motivated than a bear, but if you give a bear, say food for free, it will keep coming back till there is no food. No food but there you are, you get eaten. The constitution does not say,” We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, “to take care of us”, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” It does say,” We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, PROMOTE the GENERAL WELFARE, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    Promote-transitive verb. 3. To encourage the growth and development of something. 4. To publicize a product so that people will buy or rent it. 5. To further something by helping to arrange or introduce it.

    General-adj. 1.relating to or including all or nearly all of the members of a category, group, or whole.

    Welfare-n. 1. Health, happiness, or prosperity; well-being.

    So they way I read it is the government is suppose to, in a basic sentence, say “Hey everybody we think you should be healthy, happy, and prosperous.” I guess that means I am some sort of ignorant literalist, but I think words mean what they mean. Is means is. Unless you have been caught with your hand in the cookie jar and spent 7 years in law school learning how to convince people that words don’t mean what they mean, they mean what you say they mean. Isn’t that a bad thing? Do you want to live where a words’ definition can be changed just because someone doesn’t like it or they decide that “in today’s world” it doesn’t mean what it’s meant for 100’s of years. But that where us smarty pants humans have gotten to. Where’s that space rock the size of St. Bart’s’ when you need it.

  19. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    Good job boys
    pusstule says to get rid of welfare, then in the next point says he collects unemployment, i assume that unemployment is beneficial to him. Yes, the businesses pay into unemployment insurance but the (state) gov’t administers and oversees it.
    risk taking is not part of the program for the large corporations as evidenced in the current bailout situation, sure plenty of poor folks take risks, sometimes succeeding, often failing with no option to “try something new” when there are bills to be paid. often those with the means to take risk are born to privelege, not huge privelege, but enough to be comfortable gambling with their finances with no damage to their need for survival, as in food shelter clothing. if you are born in poverty, can’t go to college and big business refuses to pay you a fair wage, you ain’t taking no risks.
    what you can do is try to better your life through unionizing and attempting to get the government to work in your best interest, one thing the right misses when complaining about the working poor trying to improve their lives. if it is impossible to find decent jobs, affordable housing, affordable health care, education, or a better a life the only bootstrap to lift up by is improving the system in your favor, can’t fault someone for wanting a better life.
    small business is not what gets the subsidies and and the support of government welfare, it’s the large corporations deemed to large to fail, esssentially eliminating the whole risk/reward equation entirely. if the gov’t gives you cash(subsidy) that capital isn’t your hard earned savings or a loan to be repaid, its free capital! woohoo, use it, make a ton of money, pay your downsized workforce 1000% percent less than the CEO, get bonuses, bankrupt the corporation, use your golden parachute to float down to your private island, then have the government pay for the mess you left behind. That system, perhaps exaggerated a bit, inaccuracies maybe, still has nothing to do with risk taking by the wealthy. i am not complaining that nobody has given me a couple mill, i am complainig that the folks with millions.billions even are the ones who get a couple hundred billion hand out. plus no sea turtles get helped in that scenario.
    Environmentalism is not a bad concept! We have a duty to respect the earth, and for all you rightists, we can have energy independence, have a new (green)market to exploit and best of all, your grandchildren will survive long enough to spend their inheritance!
    Yes o’pusstule, Al Gore is a schmuck, the PRMC was one reason i voted for Nader, gotta have free speech if we are to have real democracy. Gore is right about a lot of stuff though, and like Christianity, the hypocrisy of the messenger does not make the message less true or important. It would be nice if Gore could use his actions as well as words to influence society, my small actions or ranting has very little impact, but his words have had a huge impact, if he could live accordingly the issue of hypocrisy wouldn’t tarnish the overall movement, maybe convince guys like Fester.
    I am sure that the fallacies of my opinions will pointed out, i hate getting facts wrong, and since this website is more of a hobby, i have used few facts to back up my opinions, i am pretty ok with admitting factual inaccuracy however, so let er rip…

  20. gloriously well said, cowlips.

    But….. wait a Cotton-Pickin-Minute!
    “Promote the general WELFARE” is in the constitution, Fester. I guess welfare’s a GREAT THING, then.

  21. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    Dearest BC- sarcasum my friend, sarcasum. Wealfare is a subsudy. To blame subsidies for all ills is oversimplifacation of an issue. Milk subsudies are rott. Subsudies that benifit green tech? You tell me? I am pleased to accept the fact that your facts are of a swiss cheese in nature.
    Sir Duck- definitions dear boy. How do you define the words per my example? Well, I could guess but that would be unfair. Get it.

  22. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    Dearest BC- sarcasm my friend, sarcasm. Welfare is a subsidy. To blame subsidies for all ills is oversimplification of an issue. Milk subsidies are rot. Subsidies that benefit green tech? You tell me? I am pleased to accept the fact that your facts are of a Swiss cheese in nature.
    Sir Duck- definitions dear boy. How do you define the words per my example? Well, I could guess but that would be unfair. Get it.

  23. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    Fuck, fuck, fuck. Spellcheck spellcheck spellcheck!

  24. I really don’t think you’re anywhere near as intelligent as you think you are, Scooby.

  25. I think your mistaking me for some one else. I do not claim to be an intellectual. I never finished college and was a suck ass student anyway. My head hurts thinking about this stuff and I have been suffering blackouts lately. Fester’s a bit strident isn’t he?

  26. barndoor cowlegs Says:

    Don’t everybody jump on Fester, we won’t have anyone to argue with!
    However, I prurposefully didn’t include facts, just gave a simple explanation of the current system of corporate welfare. Yes some subsidies are necessary, but corps like Wal-Mart don’t need taxpayer money to exist, they got enough dough, why is it okay for billion dollar entities to recieve money from the gov’t but not actual people who could use the money to paticipate in the economy by paying electric bills etc.
    Right wingers should be up in arms about this bail out crap, if it was 700 billion for the betterment of regular people, maybe healthcare or social security, or 700 Billion for mortgage holders, who could pay their loans, and save the banks at the same time, they’d be pissed! By the way, Dems and Repubs are both guilty of terrible policy decisions just look at the current mess. I’d say DogBoy, Cripsy, sterileneedle, myself, the burger king worker down the street, the countrified landscaper, the unemployed addict, and the undocumented construction guy all have much more in common with each other than we do with Obama/Biden/McCain/Palin we should work together for our own interests.

  27. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    BC thanks for the support, poor Scooby isn’t to blame for my strident riffs. We uber conservatives are mightily displeased with the government take over of the credit markets. The government is poised to reap a profit of some where around 2 trillion dollars on the risky loans, we tax payers are going to buy, when resold to the private sector 5, 10 years down the line. And you thought Fannie and Freddie screwed the pooch to get us here, just wait and see the crap rain from the sky next time all hell breaks loose in the credit markets. It would be nice to believe that the government would use the 2 trill to fix soc security or Medicare but I am sure that there will be some other “need” that will suck up that money before dollar one reaches the treasury.

  28. “Take the skinhead bowling, take them bowling”

  29. One thing is certain. It’s going to get WAY worse, WAY faster, and hurt WAY longer under 4 more years of neocon greed, paranoia and militarism. Obama is unlikely to fix much other than possibly the U.S.’s relationship with the rest of the world (allies we badly need), but he ain’t gonna fuck it up like the psychos McCain has had to cowtow to to get the Repub nomination.

    Go black guy!

    I’m goin’ black and I ain’t coming back.

    Gettin’ my Baracks off.

  30. More New York Dolls, less demopublican. David Johansen for our beloved uber overlord! And yes I am drinking! Join me.

  31. how do the uber conservatives define “justice” in order for the concept to include having the poor pay the wealthy to make money off them and the mortgaged future of the their children. most people call that “stealing.” why do those folks like FP who subscribe to the theory fester outlines (the I don’t need taking care of theory), continue to fanatically try to elect people who are happy no to help them, but nevertheless provide exactly that sort of welfare for the wealthiest companies and the people who own them? on our nickle! cognitive dissonance? (largest divide ever between rich and poor in US and the largest of any industrialized nation the planet -fact. fewer people own more of our resources than at any time in our history, and it was not at that level 8 years ago -fact) The fact is, in order to “root” for “your team” fester, you have voted for people who have taken your philosophy, rolled it up, and fucked you in the ass with it. fine, you have the right. but for those of us who didn’t vote to get out intestines plumbed for the benefit of the uber -rich, you guys are incredibly annoying in your willingness to forcibly include us in your masochistic rape fantasy.

    I’m with Dog Boy – enough demopublicans – stay off my money and my children and my environment – you cant have them and they’re not fester’s to give away. anyone who votes for the GOP is basically admitting that theoretical bullshit is more important to them than the actual crimes perpetrated against them. have some self respect, throw the bums out! not because you expect the next guys to solve everything, but because rewarding people who fuck you over is insane.

  32. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    It must be just be awful living here. Dry anal rape on a daily basis has got to be getting tiresome, if not painful. So comrade, where are you moving to? You have to be moving soon; otherwise your radically ignorant bitchfest is just that. Real productive and a good technique for change minds, comrade dude! If you are going to truly support your own viewpoint than moving to a better country is the only answer to your complaint. I am sure if you wrote ol’ Hugo, he’d pick up the tab and give you a position of promoting his and your point of view. Otherwise you’re like the rest holding onto a microscopic minority view, bitchin’ to hear yourself bitch, all the while thinking you’re the smartest people in the room. It is so rich to read you blather on and not really address the point by point retorts. The left never has liked to truly debate on a point by point basis, they would have to think and that can be difficult and painful. Plus it takes time way from screaming about everything. You should read the letters between Jefferson and Adams on how to truly do this kind of rant back and forth. Try again when you have. Peace out!

  33. instead of moving, consider doing your civic duty and voting for anyone but the GOP in the upcoming elections. if pointing out malfeasance by public servants must always be called communist bitching in your view, you actually have already elected to live in an unfree society, or at least one with no accountability. hopefully most of my fellow citizens are not as self imprisoned as you, fessie (and your equally out of touch fanatically partisan counterparts on the other side of the bed, er, isle), but I have my doubts: “we know that the hypnotized never lie…”. please, rant away, but do the right thing at the polls.

  34. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    I wasn’t planning on moving. I thought it might make you feel better to go where you can surround yourself with like minded folk. I like it here in the Satanic States of America and I like voting for people that piss you off. Geez, why do you have such a lack of humor and sense of sarcasm? I understand how it has come to be that the average left leaning citizen feels that GWB is the most evil man ever (pink Kool-Aid and self-loathing, yummy), that the rest of the elected republicans are just as bad, and that the citizenry who decided to vote for them are just a bunch ignorant, bigoted, racist, homophobic, corrupt, gun totin’, religious, hayseed hicks. I thought the left was the bastion of tolerance and openness to apposing views. But the left cries hypocrisy at the right all the time and never looks at their statements and see them as full of hypocrisy as the rights. Humans are not perfect and can be extremely annoying in their actions and statements. Bitching about who fucked who is a waste. This is why over 50% percent of the population doesn’t vote, they have better things to do with there time then to listen to the endless arguments and vote for some needy, attention seeking ass.

    What I cannot understand is how you can be so unwilling to understand a two party system. Just because your particular point of view is not fully embraced by all does not mean that the system is broken, failing the population, or that a majority of the population is out of touch (they just don’t agree with you). Assuming that you know best, or any one person does, is a fallacy. Malfeasance is part of life, part of the human condition, and we tend to put those who are found guilty of corruption in jail. Politics is a competition of ideas and you never win each time you compete. You have to have a reasoned and reasonable point of view and the ability to present it in an adult, non-confrontational way to persuade others who disagree with you, not just repeat propaganda and unfounded, unproven charges. The lefts arguments, that you support, are as old as civilization itself and are based on guilt, envies and petty jealousy. I am sorry you’re so disappointed in how life here is for you, you have my pity. I would suggest you vote and vote as many times as you can, that may be illegal, but I’m sure your ok with people doing that as long as they vote ”correctly”! Corruption is always in the eye of the beholder.

  35. How’s this for reasoned?

    FUCK YOU STU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’ve been up here shitting on Dems (which it sounds like SH is not) and saying everybody’s fucked because you got greased into compliance YOUR ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE. You make it out that lefties are the bigots when you are just repeating Limbaugh’s talking pukes.

    You’re a jackass and barely a Republican anymore and yet you insist on coming on with this Comrade Ogilvy BULLSHIT. (1984: look it up)

    Enough already! Two Strikes and You’re STUPID, REMEMBER?

    We don’t give a shit. Go beat your dogs and watch some football or whatever it is you right wing douches do. Rob some poor people or something. I’m done with your crap.

    Oh, and I love and miss you and your beautiful wife.

  36. I love and miss you too.

  37. cripsyduck Says:

    Shercock’s riffs here are gold.

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