He Ain’t No Palin

Congratulations, Senator. You finally got what you always wanted: to be nominated the Repugnican candidate for President of The United States of America. Wow. That is big.

But you’re looking pretty sorry. Your acceptance speech barely gained cruising altitude, even in an arena full of Minnesota’s most rabid reactionaries. Hell, if not for “kill and drill” (copyright Ron Kuby 2008), you’d’ve never gotten the rise out of the crowd that the Code Pinkers and that (kickass!!) Iraq Vets Against the War guy and his two-sided “You Can’t Win An Occupation”/”McCain Votes Against Vets” sign. (THAT GUY WAS AWESOME! I wanna see his band.)

Pack it up. Forget about it. Palin hitched her star to the wrong con.

You can’t expect to change the castle once you’ve built it. You built it. It’s fucked. You’re saying so yourself. What makes you think you’ve got the sense to change it now?


2 Responses to “He Ain’t No Palin”

  1. The Iraq Vet’s name is Adam Kokesh. Here’s a brief interview with him post-protest.

  2. I just can’t even come up with something pithy about the man. At this point if the ticket can get with in 3-5 points maybe Sarah will have a good chance in 2012. Just as long as it stays out of the courts. I remember a cartoon from the ’78 election that had Carter, Regan, and Ford all driving race cars that had all crashed into trees. I get the same impression of this campaign.

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