Not Bad, Sarah

Alright, I’m not afraid to say it: Palin gives good speech. She’s clearly no lightweight. (And she does a great impression of South Park’s Principal Victoria.) She’s almost a batshit conservative (proud union husband, whuh?), but that’s to be expected, right? (Was it me, or was it weird to see a room full of right wingers cheering solar power?) She’s definitely lovely and she’s definitely sincere, and her family seemed pretty nice on TV.

Let the race begin! Oh yeah, we still gotta hear from Senator what-his-name. That’ll be a real barn burner.

9 Responses to “Not Bad, Sarah”

  1. imthenimrod Says:

    She’s the man.

  2. I think “sincere” questionable. Call me when she shows some sense of “family values.”

  3. Here’s an interesting fact check article on Palin’s speech.

  4. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    Facts from the AP!? As I was saying……. Yes, let the grand debate begin; just as long as Sparkie McCaneurism doesn’t fuck it up. 3:1 he does. Can we just make a sub?

  5. cripsyduck Says:

    Fair call, sub on the play. You guys just wanna run with Caribou Barbie?

  6. Fester O'Pusstule Says:

    God will the man just stop, say thanks for the nomination, and “I’ll just let Sarah talk for me from now on, goodnight.” Fucking awful delivery, fuck just stop your screwing the entire Mo’ on your flatulence. What a waste.

  7. Poor bastard just lacks charisma. Nice protesters, though.

  8. EEEEEeuuuuuuu…you like Peggy Hill!!! Well, come to think of it, you do kinda resemble Hank….Got Propane?

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