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I’ve got an idea….

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Let’s break from partisan squabbling for a moment and consider a few things we may be able to reach some sort of consensus on:

First: Money in politics. Is it fair to say that the cost of campaiging and maintaining a high profile political career makes it impossible for a true ground-up democracy to thrive? Spending limits are clearly not enough. If there is money in the budget to deploy the military at a moment’s notice, isn’t there enough to fund national campaigns? Local campaigns? It’s gotta be cheaper than bailing out Wall Street.

Second: Voter registration. Why do we have to register to vote? All citizens should be allowed (and encouraged) to vote. The Europeans think we’re nuts for this one. Voter registration is some kind of weird scam. It should go.

Third: The two party system is a snarling half-dead corpse of an excuse for an electoral process. We can’t fairly ban parties (though I’ve fantasized), so how do we encourage a multi-partied electorate? The dissolution of of the two party system would remove some of the moneyed pillars of power that support our corrupt fascistic tendencies.

Any takers?

Can I Just Say This?

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I hated Ronald Reagan. I hate George W. Bush. In fact, I can only think of two Republican presidents I have had any respect for in the last 50 years: George H.W. Bush and Richard Nixon. Continue reading

Michelle Obama Speaks at UVa

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On September 17, under a brilliant sun outside of UVa’s Newcomb Hall, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden, Lilly Ledbetter and Tom Perriello spoke to a crowd of over 2500 students, activists and community members.

Michelle Obama
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Richard Wright, R.I.P.

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They’re dropping like flies out here. Now that the Pink Floyd keyboardist has died, my chances of ever seeing the “original” quartet (Wright, Rogers, Gilmour and Mason) have gone out the window. I’d have paid top dollar to see that show.
Enjoy that Great Gig in the Sky, Richard.

Wanna Know What Really Scares Me?

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Ever heard of Joel’s Army? Me neither. Christian Al-Qaeda. The real Republican base? Maybe.

Too much information right here.

He Ain’t No Palin

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Congratulations, Senator. You finally got what you always wanted: to be nominated the Repugnican candidate for President of The United States of America. Wow. That is big.

But you’re looking pretty sorry. Your acceptance speech barely gained cruising altitude, even in an arena full of Minnesota’s most rabid reactionaries. Hell, if not for “kill and drill” (copyright Ron Kuby 2008), you’d’ve never gotten the rise out of the crowd that the Code Pinkers and that (kickass!!) Iraq Vets Against the War guy and his two-sided “You Can’t Win An Occupation”/”McCain Votes Against Vets” sign. (THAT GUY WAS AWESOME! I wanna see his band.)

Pack it up. Forget about it. Palin hitched her star to the wrong con.

You can’t expect to change the castle once you’ve built it. You built it. It’s fucked. You’re saying so yourself. What makes you think you’ve got the sense to change it now?

Not Bad, Sarah

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Alright, I’m not afraid to say it: Palin gives good speech. She’s clearly no lightweight. (And she does a great impression of South Park’s Principal Victoria.) She’s almost a batshit conservative (proud union husband, whuh?), but that’s to be expected, right? (Was it me, or was it weird to see a room full of right wingers cheering solar power?) She’s definitely lovely and she’s definitely sincere, and her family seemed pretty nice on TV.

Let the race begin! Oh yeah, we still gotta hear from Senator what-his-name. That’ll be a real barn burner.

Long Live Jerry Reed!

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Jerry Reed, the author of “Amos Moses,” “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” and “The Claw,” has left us. One of Nashville’s most impressive guitarists and a full time funny man, Jerry Reed will be missed. And Burt Reynold’s mustache will never look the same. “Son!”

You’re Fucking Kidding Me, Right?

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Okay. Barrack Obama says he won’t go after Republican Vice Presidential pick Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol’s pregnancy. Well then brother, clear a path, because that crazy wench has got it coming. And I, for one, have no scruples. (Too many years being used as a punching bag by the Rush Limbaughs of the world. FUCK YOU, RUSH!!!)

Let’s see now, you have a newborn down syndrome special needs child at home and your seventeen-year-old daughter is pregnant by her backwoods boyfriend and fully intends to keep the child. Shit, now’s a perfect time to run for the Vice Presidency of the United States of America! Continue reading