Funeral for a King

I did not attend LeRoi Moore’s funeral, even though it took place about a mile from here. It seemed like a good time to let actual friends and family do their grieving. Besides, it was raining really hard and I’m not real paparazzi, I just play one on TV.

But I have a friend who drove three hours in the rain to pay his respects and reported that it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies he’d witnessed. Exactly fitting for a beloved and complex man. The only thing that could have made it better, my friend said, would have been the appearance of a true New Orleans funeral band to dance the body to infinite slumber.

Local jazz men John D’Earth and J.C. Kuhl provided tunes. Dave Matthews spoke and was fittingly funny, poignant and touching. (typical) He spoke of Leroi as “the hardest man I ever loved,” or words to that effect, and shed some light on LeRoi’s demons and how he’d begun to expel them with the help of his fiancee.

The highlight – again according to friend – was LeRoi’s music teacher, Dr. Roland Wiggins, who spoke of their time together, and then laid down some heavy duty piano, holding chords and strumming on the open strings. Sounds like a pretty heavy event.

Here are my friend’s notes from the program:

“A Celebration of New life”
for LeRoi Holloway Moore
9/7/61 – 10/19/08

service was Episcopal based

musical tribute
“Goodbye Sweet King”
Wells Hanley-organ

reflection: Dave

Vocal solo ”To Live Is Christ” By Michelle Arrington


“Keep Me From Sinking Down” spirtual- Dr Roland Wiggins/piano-wow

Hymns-in order:
-“Oh Master, Let Me Walk With Thee”
-“For All the Saints”


One Response to “Funeral for a King”

  1. michael schnabel Says:

    rise up leroi! show mr jerry garcia the best damn saxaphone solo he had ever seen!!!

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