Two Long Daze

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Ok. On Saturday, Aug. 2, I was beckoned to Afton’s Cardinal Point Winery to play bass with my old buddies, Junior Moment and the Fun Thieves. The event was a multi-band benefit for Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/Albemarle called Reading Rocks, and the line-up promised a fun-pack of local acts.

I rolled up in the blissfully bright but brutally hot early afternoon sun where on stage laying down some funky jam-pop was Andy Waldeck, backed by Tucker Rodgers, B.J. Pendleton, Andy Rolland, and Nate Brown. The crowd was easing into its slow wine stew, but still appreciative of the rockers’ efforts. I particularly dug on a smoothly soulful take on Thin Lizzie’s “The Boys are Back in Town.”

Following came up-and-comers 6 Day Bender with their rowdy country-fried alt/rock. These boys are generating a nice buzz, and it’s easy to see why. Young, dumb and full of cum, as they say. And definitely alot of fun, with tight arrangements and driving songs. (Hints of the rockier Avett Brothers stuff.)

Junior Moment and the Fun Thieves held forth next, featuring Beth and Steve Golden, organizers of the event, with myself on bass and Rob Chaffinch on guitar. I must recuse myself from telling you how awesome we were and how much we really rocked and that we were totally bichin’ in every way except for we didn’t cure cancer. But you get the idea.

Jim Waive and the Young Divorcees cleaned up the scene with a bonus appearance by original fiddler Anna Matajasic, in town for a drive by. Sweet as molasses, the Divorcees just get better with time, like that worn out Patsy Cline record you keep putting on the turntable because you like the scratches.

Finally, Darrell Rose and the International Councillors smacked a beat on the crowd with their afro-fusion funkiness. Greg Howard was in full effect on his Chapmann Stick, but the heart of this beast is a drum troupe three men deep putting a hurtin’ on the syncopated backbeat. Sweaty wine drunks gyrated in the failing light until at last, it was done.

On Monday, August 4th, Charlottesville was treated to three of Asylum Street Spanker’s talented sidemen, in a post tour stop-over, to share some stagelight with locals the Bourbon Specials and the Acme Swing Manufacturing Company.
Molly Murphy Busts One Out

The Spankers are one of string music’s more hilarious outreach projects, and Nevada Newman, Charlie King and Famous Jake provided enough funny and high caliber musicianship to make the mothership proud. Deeply appreciated was Charlie King’s tale of the finer points of love and menstruation, “Baby I’m Your Rag-Time Man.” Twisted, yes, and truly genius.

The night ended with a rousing multi-band send-up of Ray Charles’ “Hit The Road Jack.” Good times.

Pics from both events can be seen at my flickr photostream.


3 Responses to “Two Long Daze”

  1. You have all the fun. All I got to hear Saturday wuz 13 Redneck Bikers play a 4 minute v-twin straight pipe waltz…………..over and over and over …..every 16 minutes……..from 11am till 7:15. Love ya.

  2. cripsyduck Says:

    You got the makings for a kickass BC tune there, Scooby. Get to work!

  3. 10-4. I’ll send you a draft.

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