Need to Kill 35 Seconds?

Bored? Lonely? Need some friends?

Make your own. That’s what imaging software’s for.

You might get some ideas from the crap I just uploaded to my flickr photostream.


10 Responses to “Need to Kill 35 Seconds?”

  1. girlfriend Says:

    I’ve been up for almost 23 hours straight – I’m seeing triple! Wait, does this mean there’s a foursome in my near future?

  2. Boy, don’t you have all the luck. I must get to the lab so the verbal fencing does not get decidedly one sided. Is a mental reach around still considered masturbation?

  3. got the gimp. am having trouble making friends.

  4. cripsyduck Says:

    Just posted a couple more, so get over to flickr and comment on ’em.

  5. I know all those guys! I just wish I was cool enough to have friends like those. I can’t figure the gimp out.

  6. cripsyduck Says:

    Dude, open-source, killer unix-based imaging editing software. Works on macs – for free! The Gimp. Photoshop for cheapos.

  7. Oh I have the program, just no luck getting it to do for me.

  8. cripsyduck Says:

    Do you have x11 installed on your mac? It’s an optional install on your startup disc. For developers.

  9. I am on a pc.

  10. cripsyduck Says:


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