Shot Down

In the wake of Gen. Wesley Clark’s recent statements about John McCain’s war record, let me tell you a little story.

I have an old family friend. He’s a Marine, he’s a fighter pilot, and he served in Vietnam. A bunch.

On a recent visit, we pushed him to tell us who he would vote for in the upcoming election. He waffled. He couldn’t bring himself to say John McCain.

What he told us next kind of blew my mind.

He told us he was in the air the day McCain was shot down over Hanoi. His squadron was flying high cover. The orders had come down from McCain’s dad, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr.: no one was to fly below 10,000 ft.

As my friend put it, the anti-aircraft fire was “so thick you could walk on it” – and if the battle had been waging for more than five minutes, you “couldn’t see the ground.”

The way my friend tells it, McCain disobeyed his father’s direct orders and flew below 10,000 ft. The other pilots were pissed. Famous son hot-dogging gets his ass shot off and captured. They hated him.

They still hate him. My friend is an old-guard Dixiecrat, that is to say, a Republican, and he’s gonna end up voting Republican, no matter what. (A vote for a black man doesn’t seem to be in his genetic make-up. A vote for a Democrat even less so.)

But he’s confused and lost. He doesn’t feel that a pilot with that kind of judgment can be trusted with the highest office in the land.

I swear I did not make this up. No, I won’t give you this guy’s name for verification. Yes, when he told me this story, the words “Swift-Boat-Vets-For-Truth” went through my mind. But this guy is no opposition hack, he has no axe to grind. Hell, he actually WANTS THE REPUBLICANS TO WIN.

But arrogant incompetence kinda sticks in his craw.


10 Responses to “Shot Down”

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  2. I remember when you had come from that visit and told me that. I have an old camp friend who is running McNuttbag’s campaign in Va. and I told him that story. His response ” there are concerns about his baggage. We all have done things and have assocated with people we’d rather forget or have not done.” I am more concerned with the four or is it five years he was a POW. A POW whose dad is Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., CiNCPAC. Although he was returned in good shape I beleave he was tortured just as intensly as any POW. Broken minds don’t heal, you just learn to deal.

    I am suprised you have not related this story sooner.

    Wouldn’t it just be simpler to put McNuttbag and Brother Barry in a cage and let them just——all persons who’s goal is to achive elected office—beat the shit out of each other till one declares “No Mas, No Mas”

  3. cripsyduck Says:

    A little buyer’s remorse after two votes for King George the boy genius? (What the fuck were you thinking?) Thanks for two LOST WARS, $5 gas and a complete lack of self-respect. Typical republican: doesn’t believe government is capable of accomplishing anything and then elects someone to make sure it doesn’t. Just because you guys don’t have a clue, a candidate or a chance, don’t poo poo the first black president. He may even be inspired to help us. (Who knows?) Besides, Obama would eat McCain’s lunch in a cage match. Remember: he’s athletic. And younger than the mummies. And he’s never even been tortured.

  4. I am leaning towards Jamie’s “Rome at the End” vibe. Yea McNumbnutts would be bloodied and broken if put in the ring but I am afraid Barry would rather sit down and come to an understanding so that he and his worthy opponent could come to understand each others positions to better move forward with the promise of hope and inclusion for America. Strike up the band and pan left to the large billowing flag. sniffle sob

    No buyer remorse here my feathered friend. I preferred to let history determine the merits and true results of the “two lost” wars (of the three “lost wars” on the books who lost, the first one, the 10,000 day war (27 yrs). You may need to Google that one.). I assume you did take some econ in college and understand how markets work and have read the stories of rampant speculation ( some conspiracy folk say its the ultra rich anti Bush(’00-08′) folk, who during the 90’s speculated in the real estate market creating the run up in housing prices (which party do the developers in c-ville tend to support?) and jumped to oil when the eventual bottom fell out, are the ones speculating the crap out of oil) which is putting undue upward pricing pressure on oil regardless of the fact that supplies and inventories of crude and refined products are increasing ( due to India, China, and other developing nations ending their subsidy of gas and fuel oil and the population decreasing their purchase of gas and fuel oil), and the respect of euro weenies ( whose wienie we pulled out of the fire less than 100 years ago, TWICE), supposed non-communist dictators (No, we have a republic of states that likes to have the last president pick the next one. Its easier than having to decided who won’t brake my face if I make the “wrong” choice), con artist wanna be big shot dictators (who are responsible for more death and misery than any white man has ever inflicted and have turned the UN into the International house of HUD and social welfare for a continent, and, least I leave some lovely group of my brother humans un-offended, radical religious fascist world wide, who are fighting a war that lost relevance to mankind when Martin Luther posted his fuck you blob on the cathedral door, does not concern me at all. WHAT!!!!!!!
    Yes, they can all go fuck themselves. When they all get at least millions in subsidies from you, me, and the rest of the citizenry of the US, you would at least expect polite criticism. Even if Bush is a retard, Clinton was sleazy, G H W Bush was put in place, Regan was evil, Carter is an incompetent ass, Ford …………….., if some one gives you something, even if its owed to you, you say thanks. That all I’m sayin’. And if you can’t grow up and be nice, get the fuck off my lawn!

  5. sorry I got carried away.

  6. Jamie D. Says:

    Great story. The sad part is that people still think that the two-party system (and the Federoid model in general) is “democracy”. What we have heah in Uhmerica is nothing less than a modified version of the Stalinist ‘party’ system in which people think they have a choice.

    In the end, the government always wins the elections. We just get to lose more of our time and our lives to the fatasses.

  7. cripsyduck Says:

    Scooby, get your own blog, you ditto-muffin. Keep spinning, there’s a way to blame this on the Democrats in there somewhere. (Not that they don’t deserve some of the credit – they certainly do. But we know who sold America down the river: the cons.) Jamie, whatever. You’ve relied on your community for years. Yeah, I’m sure you’d float right to the top in a free-for-all governmentless society.

    Cheer up you guys! The black guy might actually give a shit about us! That’d be a first in our lifetimes.

  8. OK Ok! I will refrain from the over done blather, keep my coments short and to the point, and wait and see what the day brings on the 22nd of January, 2009.

    Didn’t Roos…………………………oh fuck it!

  9. Hey duck! Just wanted you to know I just posted both terms of my Spurious George mix tapes over on my bloggy. I know you were asking about additional copies like a million years ago… Well now they are on Ted Steven’s Tubes and free for all. Spread the word. And while you are over there, feel free to poke around, you might find some other things you might like.

    /end shameless self plug


  10. Oh, and the URL might help eh? Where’s my coffee…


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