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Need to Kill 35 Seconds?

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Bored? Lonely? Need some friends?

Make your own. That’s what imaging software’s for.

You might get some ideas from the crap I just uploaded to my flickr photostream.

Why Ralph Nader Still Matters and You Democrats Can Bite Me

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On Sunday, July 13th, Ralph Nader came back to Charlottesville. Not to UVa’s grand Old Cabell Hall as he did in 2000, but to the cushy confines of the relatively diminutive Gravity Lounge.

Rolling up to the Lounge about an hour behind schedule, Nader was interviewed by local media for fifteen minutes before taking the stage. The man does not dodge questions. This seemed to make the newspeople a little uneasy.

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Shot Down

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In the wake of Gen. Wesley Clark’s recent statements about John McCain’s war record, let me tell you a little story.

I have an old family friend. He’s a Marine, he’s a fighter pilot, and he served in Vietnam. A bunch.

On a recent visit, we pushed him to tell us who he would vote for in the upcoming election. He waffled. He couldn’t bring himself to say John McCain.

What he told us next kind of blew my mind.
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Angry Fallout at Monticello Naturalization Ceremony

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Thank heavens for these people. And Bush handled it admirably. (gotta say)

Check out for some video and pics.