Wake the F@^k Up, WVAX!

I’m horribly addicted to talk radio. No, not Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Michael Weiner, er,… Savage (all of whom deserve to be mauled and publicly sodomized for starters), but lefty talk radio. I love me some Air America.

Stephanie Miller’s morning show is great fun and informative – watching right-wing news so we don’t have to – while Thom Hartmann from noon-3pm is a fascinating radical moderate who regularly debates the opposition yet always retains a tone of civility. Rachel Maddow’s a frickin’ uber-genius who never fails to produce incisive and unique analysis. I love this stuff.

I listen for sometimes 6 hours a day. I’m a junkie. But our local affililiate, WVAX, has serious issues.

I started tuning in to 1450 AM (in the Charlottesville area) in late 2006. The programming was refreshing and informative, but the station was poorly run. At that time, dead air was ubiquitous. Multiple ads would run at the same time. It was a mess.

That stuff’s just plain bad for business, as well as bad for my head. I started writing the station to complain.

One time I wrote and almost that same day, Jay James, the silver-toned Program Director issued an on-air apology. I can’t say the two events were related, but it helped a little.

Well, here it is, summer 2008, and what do I hear? I woke up today to 20 minutes of dead air. When they finally got their act together, an interview with Scott McClellan was interrupted by a news feed (probably from CNNfuckingRADIO – the lamest excuse for news out there – American Idol stats, really? WE ARE AT WAR, GODDAMNIT!). The feed clicked on as McClellan faced down probably the most relevant progressive in talk radio, Thom Hartmann: “TRACK 2 – ‘…sandbags are being dropped in nearby…’ click… – ‘and the president told me…’ click… “TRACK 3 – …”


I’ve listened to local radio for the past 23 years – mostly 91.1 FM, WTJU – college stations, for chrissakes, where they read their promos from sheets of paper, and I’ve never heard this kind of neglect on air.

And if I hear that bloody filler muzak (sort of schmaltzy pseudo acoustic rock without lyrics) one more time, I’m gonna have to write harsh words for it. “This station sucks, can’t sell no ads…”

Do you guys need somebody to watch the computer and make sure it’s running during the day? For a reasonable fee, my services are for hire.

Seriously. If you’ve never checked out WVAX, please do so. Air America has its issues, but it is the only antidote in this right wing fuckknuckle saturated AM wilderness. And when you catch ’em with their pants down, call ’em, write ’em. Let ’em know you care.

12 Responses to “Wake the F@^k Up, WVAX!”

  1. The other Cville AM talk stations (1070 and 1260) have the same issues. It’s especially bad on the weekends–stuff will overlap for like half an hour. I think at least one of the other two is owned by the same company as WVAX.

  2. DogBoy, yer' Dope Smokin' Conservative Buddy Says:

    Ye old lefty talk radio lover boy! It’s quite simple. You have to understand business to run a successful business. People will only buy (listen) a good quality product at a reasonable price. If the listening experience is not enjoyable than people are not going to listen. If people don’t listen ( I guess Uncle Obama going to help by forcing us to listen to what’s good for us, because evil business folk, who are forcing millions to listen to Rush, Hannity, Beck, suahuck!) advertisers will not buy ad time when there is no one to hear the ad. TV works the same way; segments of “One Tree Hill” are produced just to string ads together for the benefit of 13 year old girls.

    I guess that’s why you are having a bad day trying to listen to that hilariously tax dodging friend to all, Senator Al Frankin. There are enough listeners to support the business. Happens all the time.

  3. cripsyduck Says:

    Yo Dogboy, Franken’s off the air, spending his time running for congress.

    And no, you see, I AM enjoying the listening experience. (Just not the fuckups.) Apparently all of the automated talk stations around here have this problem. (Are all three owned by the Charlottesville Radio Group?) The other two are over-run with Repugnican fact-free reactionaries, and they’re having the same problems.

    I guess incompetence is a bipartisan issue.

    And is that “Uncle Obama” shit supposed to be racist?

  4. DogBoy, yer' Dope Smokin' Conservative Buddy Says:

    No, he’s promisin’ to take care of us, just like our kindly uncle.

  5. cripsyduck Says:

    I’ll take that uncle over any Yale-reject billionaire drinking buddy anyday.

  6. pluck monkey Says:

    the reason people listen to the right wing blow hards is the message: don’t change a thing, you’re doing fine, attack anyone who’s message makes you feel wrong or guilty, have a coke and a smile….

  7. WVAX, WINA, Bush, Obama: They all suck. On some level, they all buy into the idea that it’s moral and right to use force and fraud to impose the Uber-Collective on all of us. That’s why we hated Stalin and Hitler, remember?

  8. Yea, Jamie! Stay out of my yard, house, bedroom, bank account, car, liquor cabnet, humidor, gun case, barn, boat, tackle box, home theater, church, and most importantly my kitchen!

  9. No worries, Doggie. BTW, where is your kitchen?

  10. North Cacalackie now. You’ve already been in my kitchen and drank my beer, which was provided for your enjoyment. Meat, butter fat, and all those things the Uber-Collective tells us are bad and cuase the pending destruction of the planet, if we dare to eat them, were there in abundance! While I can I think I will go get more.

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