Not Worth a Hillary of Beans

Okay, people, get it together.

Hillary Clinton will not be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

As recently as last summer I was fully convinced that Clinton would be our next Democratic contender. I just assumed that she wouldn’t stop until she got the nod. I was close.

A little background here: I WEPT as I watched Nancy Pelosi sworn in as Speaker of the House live on CSPAN. Most powerful woman in the world, indeed. (Now if she would just impeach those two pricks ahead of her, she could be the first female president.) Of course she blew that within five minutes by getting her grandchildren up on the dais – all thirty of them or whatever. What is this, a McDonald’s playground all of a sudden? I’m sure those children really appreciated the gravity of the moment.

A few months ago I drunkenly scrawled a little ditty for Clinton:

“Who’s ready for a female president?
I’m ready for a female president
Who’s ready for a female president?
America is…

Hope she don’t screw up like president Bill did
If a city floods she’d help rebuild it
Back the unions and screw the billionaires…”

(That’s embarassing. Luckily I woke the next day to discover the melody was stolen from the Violent Femmes “American Music,” so the tune never saw the light of performance.)

But Barack Obama won me over and I happily cast my vote for him in the Virginia Democratic primary.

Obama just seemed better qualified. He was a community organizer famous for bipartisan solutions to difficult problems. He was also a professor of Constitutional Law and an inspiring and eloquent statesman. As one friend pointed out: can you imagine being EXCITED to listen to the State of the Union Address? When has that ever happened?

He wasn’t looking quite as presidential in the debates (all 900 of them), but he spoke about bigger pictures and American POTENTIAL. He wasn’t Dennis Kucinich (who is right on in my view) or John Edwards (whose new world populism could have made him a real thorn in the side of corporate empire builders), but he tapped into something I didn’t think I had: real faith in American POSSIBILITY.

I know he’s not going to be my ideal candidate. He’s unlikely to end the War on Drugs (what a tragic waste) or cut the global corporatists down to size, but he represents something bigger. The promise of American hope.

In the meantime, Clinton wasn’t running on her strengths, she was running against Obama. And in this, her campaign was ruthless.

Clinton’s suggestion that all Obama had done in 2003 was give a speech against the Iraq invasion was, I thought, intellectually dishonest and cowardly. As a lifetime politico, she knows the gigantic chrome gonads it took to get up in that political environment and denounce the president. And all this while the guy was running for the Senate. Mucho macho.

And then we get Geraldine Ferraro saying the only reason Obama got so far was because he was black. OUCH! The man’s race doesn’t even enter in the picture. He’s a better candidate, PERIOD.

I grew to dislike the Clinton campaign. It seemed to represent old-school Democratic politics – the kind that always loses. Sort of Karl Rove-lite. Wussy Republicrats.

Now we’re here. Obama will take the nomination. Clinton may well be his VP. And what am I hearing?

Well, Air America gets regular calls from middle-aged white women threatening to vote for McCain (McCAIN!) because of Obama’s (supposedly) sexist campaign. LADIES, PLEASE! My vote for Barack Obama was not a vote against women. It was a vote for a more inspired candidate, one who didn’t authorize George Bush to neuter our military with two endless wars and doesn’t get all knee-jerk every time somebody uses the words nuclear and Iran in the same sentence. Not only that, but he wasn’t even on the board of Wal-Mart during its “let’s go Chinese” period.

And now we keep hearing this “popular vote” metric surfacing in her speeches. The popular vote never determines the Democratic nominee – you knew that going in. But then again, by any fair standard, Clinton never won the popular majority. Her numbers are total B.S. and just go to demonstrate what I had felt early on: she will stop at nothing, say anything, make any falsehood appear truthful in her quest for another Clinton presidency. And all this just fosters the illusion that she was somehow robbed of her nomination. That’s just poisonous.

Obama won. It’s a beautiful day. Clinton supporters need to conjure up some forgiveness and get on board. To the White House!


4 Responses to “Not Worth a Hillary of Beans”

  1. Uncle Pieces Says:

    MONSTER of liberalism Dennis K. just started impeachment proceedings against king BUSH… put a biggole grin on me

  2. cripsyduck Says:

    Amen, Dennis!

  3. love it steve. although my song would have been more transparent –

    do you like barack obama?
    i like barack obama!
    hope you like barack obama tooooooo

    keep on puttin it out there. people are listening.

  4. Datadog Says:

    This notion that Hilary was somehow robbed of the nomination by a sexist campaign is a completely made-up Clinton campaign strategy because they were desperate and had nothing else.

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