Say it with me: The President of Iran is not its Leader

On yet another day when presidential hopeful John McCain is out rattling his wrinkled little saber at the President of Iran, we should bear in mind that there is at least one person in that country more powerful than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Unlike many other countries, in Iran the president does not have control over foreign policy, the armed forces, nuclear policy, or the main economic policies of the Iranian state, which are under the control of the Supreme Leader. – wikipedia

The Leader of Iran is Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Khamenei is a weathered Islamic revolutionary, but his rhetoric towards the U.S. and Israel has softened somewhat in recent years. Ahmadinejad is a very eloquent reactionary who likely would never have been elected had the United States not started wantonly invading the Middle East.

This entire debate is moot, of course, if the U.S. cannot muster the materials or conviction to wage a full scale war on Iran. Iran, after all, is not some third-rate dictatorship with few resources and no military. The Iranian army is not likely to lay down its arms at the sound of invasion. They are trained, they are ready, and if we swing at them, they will fight back.

Haven’t we been here before? Chicken Little and the Weapons of Mass Destruction? Again? Really?

Take a deep breath. Think again. We don’t need more unwinnable wars.


3 Responses to “Say it with me: The President of Iran is not its Leader”

  1. stevsie Says:

    Well said, Cripsy! Thanks for being a voice of reason.

  2. cripsyduck Says:

    Here’s an interesting nugget from the BBC.

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