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Wake the F@^k Up, WVAX!

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I’m horribly addicted to talk radio. No, not Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Michael Weiner, er,… Savage (all of whom deserve to be mauled and publicly sodomized for starters), but lefty talk radio. I love me some Air America.
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My Own Public Idaho, pt. 2

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OK. I admit it. I like cowboy hats. I own a couple… well, now, three.

The first is probably the coolest because it’s very old. I scored it off eBay a few years back after becoming semi-obsessed with custom hats and then realiziing how much one of those puppies costs. Lacking the funds for a hat constructed to fit the exact contours of my own twisted cranium, I started hunting around.
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They’re Here, They’re Queer, Get Over Yourself

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Despite the harsh language of the Hunter Thompson quote in my sidebar, it should be stated that homosexuals are citizens and as such, deserve all of the rights and privileges afforded by civil society. Period.

I’ve known, respected and loved many homosexuals in my life and my feeling has always been the same: why should I care? Why should I care what attracts or repels others? Other people’s sex lives have no impact upon me unless they’re attracted to me, right? (Or abusive, but that’s a completely different story.)
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Scott Horton, Jeweler of Law

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Anyone not familiar with Scott Horton’s work for Harper’s should listen up. Horton is an incredible researcher and intrepid defender of Constitutional law in its purest terms who has been on the lead edge of Governor Don Siegelman’s outrageous case in Alabama along with many other crucial modern legal trends and opinions. His historical assessments are always eye-popping. His latest, “A Setback for the State of Exception” is a crucial primer on the Supreme Court’s recent rejection of Bush administration claims of legal privilege over prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Go, Scott, Go!

Blog About Your Blog Being Blogged

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The Hook posted a nice snippet on my return to the literary fold.

Big thanks, you guys.

NOTE: Cripsy’s Crawl ran until summer ’02 – not ’01 as the article claims.

My Own Public Idaho pt. 1

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Karaoke Night in Tetonia, Idaho

Welcome to Idaho. Not quite “big sky country,” but close. Montana’s about an hour north of here. Wyoming’s due east about 45 minutes.

On this chilly grey morning, all three of the highest peaks in the Teton range are visible from our back porch for the first time in three days. The defiant Grand Teton juts a crooked finger into the tossed cotton sky.
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No Duh

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The Senate Intelligence Committee has just released two reports that detail how the U.S. public and Congress were misled by the Bush administration in the months before the invasion of Iraq.

Can you say “Special Prosecutor?” I thought you could.

Be Scared… Be Very Scared

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Here’s an interesting story you won’t see much of in America’s corporate media wasteland.

Permanent-forever-war-playground, yay! We can fight for infinity! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Long Live Alton Kelley!

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Iconic psychedelic artist Alton Kelley has abandoned the earth-bound.

As I sit here looking up at a framed original print of one of he and Stanley Mouse’s incredible images, I’m awed… yet again.

The New York Times has a good bio and slideshow.