Gellin’ Like Scott McClellan

Here we go.

Seven years into this historical nightmare, we finally have a defector. Scott McClellan, White House Press Secretary from ’03 to ’06, has broken ranks to reveal just how insidious the Bush White House has been. Willfully and woefully ignorant, it seems.

So what if this is the same guy who warned that Richard Clarke’s brilliant “Against All Enemies” was some kind of publicity stunt by a disgruntled retiree? At least he’s finally coming clean.

I doubt many dissenters will be shocked to learn that Bush has a remarkable capacity for self-deceit, but hopefully the book will serve as a wake up call for the unthinking knee-jerk reactionaries who claim criticisms of the President’s choices amount to defecating on the Constitution in Sunday school.

He may not quite be a hero, but one thing’s for sure: McClellan has ‘nads of steel. Go Scott!


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